Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is the best liquid eyeliner for the total beginner?

I am total rubbish with liquid eyeliners but really like the look.

Does someone know of one that doesn't smudge as easily?What is the best liquid eyeliner for the total beginner?
id say go with a cream eye liner its the same as liquid it looks even better in my opinion instead of uses qtips and trying to fix the liquid u get a brush and gentley just apply the cream it doesnt rub away fast and it looks great!What is the best liquid eyeliner for the total beginner?
If you're a beginner anything non-waterproof would be great to practice with. Then when you feel confident enough, change to the water proof. You don't have to spend huge bucks on stuff like liquid eyeliner since they run out QUICK. Right now I'm just using that wet %26amp; wild h20 proof liner. It's not bad and it's cheap. It stays on all day.

Another strategy if you love how you look with the non-waterproof, then use the waterproof one and just color over, so it will stay longer. So non-waterproof to make sure, then outline it back with the waterproof for the color to stay.
pull your eyes to the side as if your asian (sorry not in racist way) pull it so its tight and no wrinkles then apply a thin line as close to the edge of your eye as possible ... hold it there for a minute to dry .. then let go and you should be fine (: x
I always keep QTips and eye makeup remover handy. I don't even worry about putting the liner on exactly right because it's easier for me to just put it on and then run a QTip over the top to get it perfect.
I too vote for Jordana liquid eyeliner, very great product..:D
The Boujoir felt tip pen version! amazing! i love it! ive been using for years now, its much easier than the usual liquid liners! I use a pencil one first as a guide and then use the pen over that! lasts all day too!
i would recommend Rimmel, you can't go wrong: affordible and easy to apply.

I use Jordana liquid eyeliner. It doesn't smudge on me.

It's one dollar and can be found at Walgreens and drug stores I think.

Yeah, I'm cheap XD
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