Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you apply eyeliner the correct way?

Whenever I do it, it doesn't look like I have any on! And I have absolutely no idea how to get it on the top! Explain please! Thank you!How do you apply eyeliner the correct way?
I've learned new ways all the time. Smashbox cosmetics has really helped with my application. Watching them do women on QVC helped me. Apply to top holding your upper lashes up %26amp; doing the water line toward the lashes.

Then do the lowerline if you want to with white to make your eyes look bigger.

Go under the the lashes for the liner of black %26amp; do it in a fine to bold what ever is your choice to be dramatic or not.How do you apply eyeliner the correct way?
youtube does help!

u can pull the corner of ur eye then make a thin like right on the lash line/just above it

or u can go under the lashes...just lift up the lid, and apply dirrectly into the lash line...
Go watch some videos on YouTube, they'll REALLY help. It's a lot easier to see it than it is to explain it.

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