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i use quite a bit black eyeline, and i try to take as much as i can off at night using nutragena makeup remover. and most of it looks like its off, basically almost all of it. but when i wake up, it looks like i didnt remove any. so is there some hiding in my eyes..? or what..? and i think it may be infecting my eye so i would loveee to find out how to get all this eyeliner offEyeliner..?
I take all my eye make up off with baby oil. it works awesome.. then i wash my face as normal.Eyeliner..?
try pond's clean sweep towelettes. my eyes are super sensitive when i have makeup on, and these have worked the best for me.
Petroleum jelly or olive oil has worked very well. I think you should cleanse your face with a normal cleanser first, and if it's still there use the removers. Use a q-tip to get in between eyelashes.
use almay eye makeup remover pads. They work soooo good!
why dont you change to brown...I use Expresso by's a pencil....I apply it...and never have that problem...You can put it on..then smudge with a q-tip...looks natural...and no black in your can wear it darker..if you like it that way...
I had that problem too. I think what happens is the eyelashes may be holding some residue from the liner and natural skin oils draw it back at night out of the lash base. It is not a lot and with another light wash comes off.

Have you tried Almay products? I know they say hypoallergenic, but I still have problems with my eyes with any eye makeup.

I like Jessica answer!
i have to agree with mary kay's eye makeup remover it works very well!
I have found that using mineral oil and a cotton swab work the best. Eyeliner is basically oil based. (Two wrongs make a right in this case). Use a Q Tip to get in the creases. Also you might wanna swab your eye lashes extra and wash your face with an oil free facewash. (A positive cancels out the negative)
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The best eye make-up remover I have found is Mary Kay's Eye Make-up remover. It's extremely gentle on the eyes (good for me,as my eyes are VERY sensitive) and for me it always takes everything off. I use it on Halloween and on a daily basis. I've also used it take crayon, pen and pencil off the wall, without taking off the paint. So over all, I think the stuff is great and well worth the price.

PS - If you're worried about an eye infection, you need to see the doctor. You don't want to risk going blind. My grandmother put off going to the doctor for months when she thought she had an eye infection, and ended up losing 90% of the sight in that eye.
Use Mary Kay eye make up remover, it works very well and will remove it all with no smearing. I love it.

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