Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you have a good look with heavy eyeliner?

I'm going to a party and I have to wear some really heavy eyeliner well dark make up, do you have any tips? I have dark green eyes.How do you have a good look with heavy eyeliner?
keep everything else nautral - go easy on the foundation, nude/very pale pink lips and pale pinky blusher. keep the focus on the dramatic eye look.How do you have a good look with heavy eyeliner?
i think this would look good on you, because it looks good on me and i have turquoise eyes,

take out two eye shadows, one can be dark and the other light

apply dark eye shadow on the lid, and then use a brush to create a smokey effect, then apply some light shadow on the dark shadow that you coloured and then trace it al the way to your brow, then again brush it and apply some more dark then apply eye liner on the upper lid, it can be all messy but apply alot and then take some of the dark shadow and brush it over the eyeliner, smearing it a bit, now it would look all sparkly and really bring out the colour and then apply eyeliner on the lower part and then two layers of mascara :) works great with dark silverry eyeshadow and gold
Get some very back eyeshadow and use your ring finger to apply will be more of a smudge look, but wont dry and cake like some eyeliners and wont feel heavy on your eyes.Put some very light beige eye shadow under your eyebrows and some medium beige in your crease and there you go, you will be beautiful.…………

heres a few hope i helped%26lt;3
If you have a myspace, add mine. theres PLENTY of pictures.

if you don't, you basically line your lashlines with black eyeliner, and blend black eyeshadow from your llashlines up toward your creases, you can even go over those. you might even be able to wing it out. [:;PhotoId=9422611727%26amp;PhotoAlbumId=9031923669

here is my picture with my eyeliner done heavy

hope this helps
My tip would be that you know some people draw the lines coming out of the corner of there eyes i think they look ok just make sure you don't do them too big because it might look stupid! Hope i can help!! :)
Do a smokey eye

put the eyeliner heavy on the top but not on the bottom…
do something like this but add heavy liner

good luck and have fun
visit the following url
thick black eyeliner on the bottom of your eye and on the top but on the top use liquid liner and put a flick at the end
show ur face to emo peeps or goth, they luv heavy eyeliner.
do a smokey eye or even a cat eye..
He he
The heavy eyeliner will make your green eyes stand out more.However,if you have naturally small eyes, and you wear very thickly applied eyeliner, it does make your eyes look smaller.

I speak from experiance, use good quality eyeliner so it stays on longer, there is nothing worse than smudged eyeliner, and take your time putting it on. Make sure you have control over the size of the tip so you don't put tooo much out of place. I small flick always looks good with heavy eyeliner, and on the flick add a coloured eye shadow such as green.

V.pretty rock chick.

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