Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is the best eyeliner color that goes on gold-bronze skin?

I wan to make my eyes look bigger and them to pop out so i look good!What is the best eyeliner color that goes on gold-bronze skin?
Mocha is a nice color for that skin tone and it may not make your eyes bigger , it will highlight them and make them look wonnderfulWhat is the best eyeliner color that goes on gold-bronze skin?
Black. Without a doubt

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I suggest you go with my answer considering I know very well what I'm talking about when it comes to make-up...

I myself also have gold- bronze skin...

To make ur eyes stand out you should go with exotic greens and blues...Like Turquoise and maybe even Peacock...
I think the best color would be Coffee.鈥?/a>
Anything but black.

Black tears away from the eyes, makes you look more unnatural than with other makeup. Its the same with mascara. Also, you look very bad if you cry and sweat. I say gold liquid liner for the top lid, and a chocaolate brown for the bottom lid.
any color could work, my preference is black or a dark shade of brown.
Id get the look your going for! great id say black, dark dark black and a light purple, with purple dusty eye shadow on the eye lid, and use a brush with a darker brown skin tone than you with a (trust me with this) little white eye liner on the top, a sparkly white then your gonna rub the white in and spread it out, so just use a little white and on the top just below the eye brow . ive gotten tons of compliments, ohh you have such pretty eyes! lol any ways good luck but work from top to bottom. 1. start with the white. 2. ease into the brown, preferrably with a small make up brush. 3. start with the purple, dont be bashful cause durring the day about 4 hours into it the purple will mesh with the brown. 4. darker purple eyeliner (thicker purple eyeliner (maybeline has a great silver stick thats pretty sparkly) and then finally the icing on the cake 5. coal eyeliner (thin and when applying start in the middle of your eye and work out toward your temple. I dont do my entire eye in black eyeliner then it looks fake, just enough to say ';POP'; Good Luck!

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