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1. i have big eyes (brown) and light eyelashes... will a lot or a little eyeliner better? 2. i usualy put eyeliner on just my top eyelid but i would like to do it on the bottom too. when i try it on the bottom, in a few minutes, it is smeared. do you know of a good brand of eyeliner or a specific way yo put it on that will help?Eyeliner...?
First you dust on a layer of translucent powder over your lids to make to liner go on more smoothly. Next make sure your eyeliner pencil is sharp. Start at outer corner of your eye an draw a line to the inner corner. BE VERY CAREFUL! Do the same on the bottom of your eye.

Make sure to conect the lines at the corners.

For BROWN eyes: use blue, pink, green, purple, grey or black eyeshadow; blue, green, purple or black eyeliner; and blue, green, purple or black mascara.

How to make large eyes look smaller?

Apply black or dark coloured kohl pencil to the inside rim of your lower eyelids. Keep the eyelids nude or use a natural colour eyeshadow (such as beige or subtle taupe) on the top eyelids only. Do not curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara to your top eyelashes only.Eyeliner...?
i dont think you need much eyeliner. usually people use eyeliner to enhance their eyes. but you already have big eyes, so thats good. but mascara could help with your light eyelashes. it'l make it look even better. u can get water proof great wear. by maybelline i think it works pretty well.
How to select a eyeliner etc....How to apply?

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I am a Mary Kay Consultant and our eyeliners are the best; we have an amazing mascara too!! Make sure when you put the liner on that you blend it or smudge it as some say, so it doesn't look so harsh. Just practice with looks until you find one that makes you feel good.

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Put a thin line of eyeliner, never make it too thick. A good brand that will never smear is MAC power point eye pencil. Don't get black because that will make your brown eyes darker. Wear something that will brighten plum for instance. Pinks and purples REALLY bring out the brown in the eye.
well if u want to keep you eyes looking big then dont put eye liner on the bottom. Liner on the bottom make a definite ending line for your eye.
It really depends on your shape/type of eyes. Big eyes are usually gorgeous, but can be difficult to line. I'd go smoky on top, and if you do the bottom only do a very little bit, and remember when lining don't do the entire eye, about half from the outside on the bottom.

If you don't like smoky, then a thin line on the top should be lovely. Make sure to wear mascara if your lashes are light! That really brings the look together. And have fun, I love experimenting with makeup!

Almay makes really good eyeliner, so does maybelline. Avon has the nicest, but you need to order it! If it keeps smudging, try waterproof.
fluidline by mac is good it wont budge all day
This all depends on what type of look you're going for. If you want an everyday look, I'd suggest using a soft brown color on your upper and lower lids. Use a thicker line on the top of your eye, and use a thin layer on the bottom. For shadow you can use a golden color, or purple always looks good with brown eyes. If you're going for a hot, smoky look, use black eyeliner with a bit of black eyeshadow. Make both the upper and lower lids heavily lined. To keep from smudging I would suggest using a long-lasting eyeliner pencil, but before applying you should run the tip of the pencil under cold water. Apply quickly after. This usually helps the liner stay in place.
The best thing for big brown eyes is a little bit of light brown soft liner under the eye, slightly smudged, and a dark brown or black mascara. Use natural colors like brown, or burgundy to bring out your eye color when messin with eye shadow.
use revlon....put it on your bottom lid...pull your lid out then apply...Good luck
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