Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do i keep the eyeliner on my waterline from wearing off during the day?

In the morning before school, my eyeliner always looks great, but after a few periods in school, all the eyeliner on my waterline is usually goneHow do i keep the eyeliner on my waterline from wearing off during the day?
This is very common when your skin tends to be a bit oily around the eyelids or, your eyeliner is not waterproof. Try using Revlon Colorstay eyeliner that you can find at your local drugstore. I've been having the same exact problem for years and no eyeliner ever worked for me. This eyeliner will ensure that it stays for an extended period of time and the color is bold enough that for however it lasts, it will still make your eyes pop. If this eyeliner still won't stay to its upmost, try applying a coat of clear mascara on top of the eyeliner. The mascara will ensure that the eyeliner stays intact and won't smudge all day. I've been using this technique for a long time now and I can guarantee you that both the Revlon Colorstay and the mascara technique will finally save your eyeliner from fading throughout the day and will look fresh as if you barely applied it. Hope this helped!How do i keep the eyeliner on my waterline from wearing off during the day?
The way to keep your eyeliner from running is to set it with the same colored eyeshadow. I have heard many make up artists do this so I decided to try it for myself after having some trouble.

So heres what I do: I first apply my eyeliner ( I use mac, graphblack kohl but you can use whatever you like) and next I take a black eyeshadow (macs carbon) and use a stiff thin brush and put it on top. Honestly my eyeliner lasts many hours when I do this.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you :)
Try a stiff eyeliner brush with an angled tip, or just use whatever ever you have, and go over it with black eye shadow! :)

Gooood luck!

I do this everyday and my eyeliner is always on my waterline when I get home!

But be careful, because when doing this, you may get some shadow in your eye..

Try a stay put Kohl liner, I use Jemma Kidd eye pencils and they work brilliantly. I am presuming you are talking about your bottom lash line as if it's your top lash line you could try setting with a little loose eyeshadow in a similar colour.
try setting your pencil liner with blackshadow on your lashline. just like foundation when set with powder it wont move or fade.But be careful not to get any in your eye.
Kohl liner isn't the best for staying put - liquid liner is better for that. It also looks neater when applied well.
try melting your eyeliner a bit with a lighter then apply it when its still soft. if that doesnt work try NYC water proof eyeliner. it works great for me
OMG same I wish i could help my eyeliner I put on my waterline ends up either gone or under my eye by 3 period
same here. e-mail me when you get a good answer.

= ]

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