Thursday, December 3, 2009

What eyeshadow and eyeliner should I use for my eye color?

My eyes are a dark blue/grey color. I have medium brown hair if that helps. What color eyeliner and eyeshadow should i use? And how should i apply it?(like eyeliner on top and bottom or just one etc...) Thanks!What eyeshadow and eyeliner should I use for my eye color?
since your eyes are blue, use brown eyeshadow, darkest in the crease, and blend upward, towards brow. I would suggest dark brown or black eyeliner, and apply an even line on top and bottom (if you have big eyes, then do it only on the top), right above the lash line, it makes them look much thicker ;) But remember not to do to much, just enough to bring out your eyes. Almay brand has great kits to play up blue eyes, you should check that out. good luck!!What eyeshadow and eyeliner should I use for my eye color?
brown brings out blue. use brown eye liner one the top eyelid from almost the inner corner all the way to the outer and smudge a little. then use the line on the bottom but start in the center and draw a line to the outer corner and smudge alot! (but not so it looks like you were crying, you know) then sweep a light brown cream eyeshadow on your whole eyelid or a shimmery gold but use a cream eyeshadow, they look more natural.
put a thin line of black eyeliner on top and bottom and get like a trio of eyeshadow colors with blue and grey colors. put the medium color on the lid, dark in the crease and thr lightest on the top
I have green eyes so I'm no expert but my best friend has eyes like you described and golds always look great on her!
use browns, they will really help to bring out you're eyes. if you need tutorials look on youtube or go to an ask her to make you one!

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