Thursday, December 3, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?

I have a VIP Christmas party to go to week after the next. I have long brown hair, deep brown eyes, medium-tan skin and dark, long eyelashes and I will be wearing a pretty black dress and black shoes.. I want to put at least a little bit of color in it so I figured I could put on some eyeliner and eyeshadow that is a different color than black.

Any ideas?

Pictures would be really helpful too!!

Thanks!!What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?
Purple/plum colors bring out brown eyes really well. You can look online for atricles about that in more detail, or if you don;t want to go through all that, Almay has a makeup line to bring out different colors of eyes, and they have the eyemakeup that you need.鈥?/a>What color eyeliner looks good with brown eyes?
If you're looking for color, eyeliner won't make much of a difference.

in my opinion, you should wear colored shoes, possibly bright red heels? then you can use red bangles, or earrings.

that'll add way more color, and I guarantee you'll look fabulous.
Purple is a good color to choose. It matches perfectly with black, and its great for brown eyes. I know almay has some purple eyeliners and shadows. Oh and you can try eyelights exact. Those work great ;)
you can use a slate grey eyeliner with shimmery glitter in it. thats really cute. you can find this at ulta or sephora. copper eyeliner will also look cute
I would wear a brown eyeliner!! that always looks great.

for eyeshadow you could wear neutral colors just like cremes and browns鈥?/a>

Turquoise definitely. My cousin has brown eyes %26amp; sometimes she wears turquoise eyeliner %26amp; it looks really nice.
brown eyeliner or a khaki/gray would look good. for eyeshadow gold- but don't put on a lot because it will look really bad! Hope I helped!!

green suits everyone you just have to find the right shade!
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