Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you keep eyeliner from smearing?

I have a pretty expensive eyeliner but it smears under my eyes and looks disgusting within a few hours.

How do I correct this without getting new eyeliner?How do you keep eyeliner from smearing?
maybe trying dabbing a little bit of face powder under your eyes before you aply your eyeliner. this may help. i still have to keep an eyeliner in my purse though, for touch ups though-out the day. good luck and happy eye lineing!How do you keep eyeliner from smearing?
I just bought a new eyeliner 2 days ago its called

Shesido Eyeliner its $19.00 at Sephora or The Bay.

And honestly it does not smudge one bit I was so, so

shocked when I saw the results I didn't believe it. But

since you don't want to get a new eyeliner I suggest

that you take a brush that you would use for your eye

shadow and if you have a fair color eyeshadow take

that and dab it under neath your eye, this will keep the

eyeliner from running, also try loose powder if you have

any. I've tried this with many eyeliners and it only worked

with one of them, it still smudges afterwards. Many people

recommend liquid eyeliner but I think its too messy even

though I've never tried it. But those are the tips I got from

lots of make up artists and online make up artists. Hope

this helps, if not try the eyeliner I mentioned at the top.
Use a color of eyeshadow that best matches your liner and lightly coat the eyeliner w/ the tip of the applicator w/ the eyeshadow. Ex. black, slate grey, dark blue, etc. for soft black, blue, or smoke eyeliner. This will set the eyeliner and take alot of the moisture out of it that lets it smudge.
this is what i do, if you want to use it fine,

1) use a pressed powder before the eyeliner

2) then put it on how ever.

3) then put white eyeshadow on the bottom of the lid, just a bit like, get as close as you can to the eyeliner dont touch it!

4) apply more pressed powder so the white eyeshadow wont show.

this really works %26amp; i love it .

check your make up every 3 hours %26lt;333
concentrate and don't cry or wipe your eye
get shelaq by benefit. it's a sealant that you put over your eye and lip makeup so it stays in place all day and waterproofs it. it comes in a tiny bottle but it really lasts forever. just dab a little over your eyeliner or eye shadow and you're good to go all day with no smudges or touch ups. you can buy this at sephora
clean the top with a alcohol wipe, that always work. But when it comes time to chuck it out - dont get that brand again.

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