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How do I apply eyeliner and what color should I use?

I have very, very dark brown eyes (almost black) I have thicker lashes (black), but not thick enough to make it look like I have natural eye liner. My hair is dark brown and I am tann-ish. Do I apply the liner where my eyelashes are or do I go above that? What color eyeliner should I use?How do I apply eyeliner and what color should I use?
For a natural look, do little dashes across your whole lash line with brown eyeliner and blend them together. For more of a smokey or edgy look, apply blue or gold eyeliner a little more thickly right above your lashline. :)How do I apply eyeliner and what color should I use?
To make it easier to apply eyeliner, place your index finger on the edge of your eye, and stretch it to teh outside, so that your eye closes and the line over your eyelashes becomes straight. Then carefully apply the eyeliner from the outside to the corner and short strokes. It makes it much easier to have an even line! Start with colors like brown, black, and charcoal, and when you get more daring, you can start experimenting with colors like blue or purple if you like!
Choose an eyeliner appropriate for your eye color . Browns, gilded bronzes, and plums are great for lighter eyes and dark eyes can pull off a more drastic black backdrop. Silvers and charcoals look best on green and blue eyes; rich red browns for blue eyes and golds for green eyes. *Note: Red tints make eyes look redder and blues make them whiter. Make sure your liner complements the color of your shadow.

How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics, giving a dramatic look without much time or effort. Eyeliner makes your eyes pop out by defining them and accentuating their shape. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stroke, you can embellish the windows to your soul by spending just a few minutes in front of a mirror with an eyeliner pencil.

There's more instructions on the web and a video.
PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE lol Purple looks great with brown eyes. So does brown. Sometimes you can get away with navy blue or greenish teal color. Black doesn't look too well with brown eyes. This is what i do since i have brown eyes.

1. I put a very very THIN line accross the top lashes. I use a q-tip to smudge the eyeliner (black or brown) down into the lashes like.

2.Put PURPLE eyeliner on your bottom lashline.

3.Put Brown or dark brown on your bottom waterline and your top waterline. (By putting eyeliner on your top waterline it makes look like your lashes make natural eyeliner)

4. Use mascara (if you like)

The colors i use vary. sometimes purple, green, navy blue and of course brown. I never use black, it makes my eyes look like raccoon eyes

But experience with different colors

hoped i help
Brown on brown is always good. You should also try a shimmery copper or a deep forest color, those will compliment you best. To apply you can turn it to the side (if pencil) and sweep on your lash line. Also you could do it with the pencil head on drawing a very careful line. I think doing both works best. First, do it using the point, then sweep on the side of the pencil. Good Luck!
apply it above your eyelashes, like directly under your eyeball if you dont want it to smudge.

black might look a little harsh but i'd experiment with it, maybe try brown or tan.

but black usually pulls it off for most people.

hope i helped.
ok i basically have the same thing and this is how i wear it.....

i use like dark brown eyeliner and i wear it on the top

hope this helps
put it on the edge of your bottom lashes.. the part closer to your actual eye. and i would use just a plain black. :] good luck.
Apply it to the tip of the white part of you're eye lid. I suggest going with a classic black. Hope I helped!
Well i use black eyeliner because i have brown eyes it depends on your eye color.
black. black looks good on everyone or a brown-ish black. And you put it on your eye lid.

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