Thursday, December 3, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good on green eyes?

I have bronze skin and green eyes,what color eyeliner looks good with green eyes and bronze skin?What color eyeliner looks good on green eyes?
hmmm... I've read that a violet eyeliner works with green eyes. Also, something on the opposite spectrum of green, like a warm brown, would create contrast and bring out the colour of your eyes.What color eyeliner looks good on green eyes?
Vanilla, Plum, Neutral colors.

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I have green eyes and I use black and thats it , I used a shimmer base coat like a brownish peach color then put a fine line of black eye liner and my green eyes pop out , I also use black mascara I like the black on green eyes , but with a subtle eye shadow
a shade of brown works well for most green eyed women. Paler skinned women can opt for a lighter shade of brown, while olive skin will benefit from a bolder, deeper shade of brown.
brown with brown mascara
Green eyes look great in plums, purples, etc.
purple or dark grey (metallic colors at night)
purple, somethings that are dark :)

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