Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?

I wear a reasonable amount (actually not much at all) on my bottom and top lid. But it constantly smudges on my bottom lid. I get these odd looking dots of eyeliner! Argh! How do I keep it from doing this? Thanks! [:How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?
I had this problem A LOT!!! What I use and don't think I'm crazy.......... BLACK EYESHADOW!!! I buy applicators buy the pack so I don't cause infection! But really the black eyeshadow on the bottom lid works great!!!! I'm not talkin under the lashes I'm talking about applyin the black eyeshadow on the part where you pull down a little and put eyeliner on !! It even looks a little darker then most and stays on longer! I also use it on the top with a brush just for applying eyeliner. Target has some of the cheapest brushes for this. I've had no problems since! If you want a thicker line on the top then stick to the pencils but with the powder on the bottom.... it may help you out a bit more with staying put! GOOD LUCK!!! P.S. Buy using eyeshadow for eyeliner, I can use ANY COLOR I WANT TO MATCH WITH OUTFITS!! If black looks great then dark blues purples and greens will look great too!!!How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?
Your eyeliner smudges because of the oils in your skin. Put powder all over your face and eyelids before putting on your eyeliner. This helps to make the eyeliner set. You should also put your eyeshadow on first, then put on your eyeliner this helps to set your eyeliner as well. I got this great tip from a Hollywood Make-Up Man at the Max Factor Studios in Hollywood. Also, you should switch your eyeliner to Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner. This eyeliner is fantastic and you'll love it. I do.
like you know where your bottom lid starts , like the flatt thing right before your eye is well put some eye liner on that it may tickle but you'll get used to it , also it will fall lightly under your eyelashes and it won't smudge. use the eye pencil stuff that is soft and not pointy.
i use revolon, they have really nice eye liner and it doesnt smudge but i usually dont wear eye liner---i use mascara instead, like for my bottom lid i just apply more and put the brush up farther, it looks like your wearing eye liner and works good
people often think its the eyeliner they are using. well it could be that, also it could be your own skin, sometimes its too oily but if your skin isnt oily you could try switching your eyeliner to waterproof.
maybe its the mascara you're putting to much on of? i don't know if you use it but I'm not sure how that would work with eyeliner.
maybe stop using it on the bottem and see how it is or don't apply that much
Use Revlon

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