Thursday, December 3, 2009


I use liquid eyeliner and i want to start using a different eyeliner that isnt liquid because when it gets in my eyes its reallyyyy annoying. And I need one that stays on all day and doesnt smear. Any help???Eyeliner!!!!????
If your using a pencil liner, just use the's a little more expensive but it's worth itEyeliner!!!!????
i use NYC.

i bought it from target.

it works really well for me.
try cream apply it with a brush

i use MAC fluidline

its $15

i love it!!
I have BYS and that isnt liquid but it doesnt stay on all day either. I suggest that u would try a more expensive brand.
try nyc or cover girl cover eyeliners. cover girl has a liquid eyeliner that doesnt smear.. try that鈥?/a>

I really recamond this product! It works really well it doesn't smear. It is water proof... You have to use a eye makeup remover to remove the stuff...
I use Cover Girl Eye Slicks

It's a smooth gel that works really well.
I use this Almay stuff that I got at Zellers...

it's a pencil but, it looks more like a marker and then you open it and it's a roll-up one. It works really well, it has a sharpener with it and it stays on pretty much all day and doesn't smear unless you sleep in it...

it was like $10 but it's well worth it and I've been using the same pencil for awhile (wearing everyday) and haven't run out yet.

I use a cheap pencil one and it stays on pretty decent. No make-up is just gonna really stay on. You might have to re-apply to make it look the best.
I use covergirl perfect blend in basic black. It does'nt smear at all.And if your putting it on and you mess up it has a little eraser thingy on the oppisite end !! i love this stuff sooooooo much it works really well!
Use a Covergirl or Paladinio (probably spelled that wrong) pencil! Both are smooth and dont smear.
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