Thursday, December 3, 2009

How can I stop eyeliner to bleed during the day?

I always come home from school and look in the mirror, and I always see that eyeliner keeps bleeding down from my eyelids!.

I don't feel like looking in the middle of class and wiping it off ethier.

Is there something I could apply on under my eyelids to have it stop bleeding?

I tried a little bit of lotion...

It kinda helped.How can I stop eyeliner to bleed during the day?
You should use MAC eye liner or Maybelline... before you put eye liner on make sure you put powder on your eye lids and under your eyes and maybe even a little bit of eye shadow on the top. The powder should keep it from bleeding.How can I stop eyeliner to bleed during the day?
Theres this stuff for that by MAC. I forgot what its called but i swear they have it.
concealer, and try a different liner
try MAC waterproof eyeliner that is applied with a brush.

i swear by it.

you can also try bare minerals powder shadow. doesn't spear at all!
du wop makes a clear eyeliner that you can use over/under your eyeliner $19鈥?/a>

try eyeshadow primer

urban decay $16鈥?/a>

or try too-faced shadow insurance $17鈥?/a>

or try benefit she-laq to put it over your eyeliner to make it waterproof $28鈥?/a>

or just try a under eye concealer form your local drugstore
just get an eye shawdow close to the color of the liner.. after you appy use a small brush and just put a little bit of the shawdow on seals it.
Instead of trying to find something else to spend needless money on, try not wearing eyeliner on the bottom. It looks more natural that way.
i had this exact problem.

to stop it

in the morning after you put on your eyemakeup, rub in some foundation right underneather your makup (on your.. bottom eyelid thing)

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