Thursday, December 3, 2009

My mascara and eyeliner smears underneath my eyes within a couple hours, what should i do?

Every morning I put mascara on the top and bottom lashes, and eyeliner. By a couple hours at school, it's under my eyes and I have to keep re-applying it. Any solutions?My mascara and eyeliner smears underneath my eyes within a couple hours, what should i do?
it sounds like you are using a mascara that is either too old and needs to be disposed of or maybe waterproof? either of those can be a cause for flaky mascara also if it is a cheap brand they tend to be drier therfor they flake more try i conditioning mascara that will nourish your eyelashes and will also be less dry which means less flakes hope i helped you hun iv been there b4My mascara and eyeliner smears underneath my eyes within a couple hours, what should i do?
If you use powder, make sure you dab it over closed eyes before applying makeup. Also, invest in higher quality products like MAC or Clinique etc. They tend to have longer staying power and have the added benefit of actually being able to talk to someone who has at least a minimal amount of training or skill at the store.
well this is what i do: After applying my mascera, i blink rapidly for about 30 seconds so that all the excess mascera will get off my lashes now, not later. then i remove it from under my eyes with makeup remover. the majority of the mascera stays on my lashes so i dont have to re-aply. thats just my way of making sure i dont get mascaera under my eyes later in the day.
well mine use to do the same thing so what I did was stoped wearing the mascara on the bottom lashes just put it on the top and I only used a little eye liner on the bottom. you also might somtimes rub your eyes and thats why they smear and you dont realize it, or try water proof eye liner and or, a different brand. worked for me.
You should probably try a new eyeliner.

i was having that problem too. i switched to

liquid eyeliner and i didnt apply it on as thick

and i put foundation underneath my eyes and

it never smears at all.

With the whole mascara thing maybe you shoundn't

apply it to he bottom of your eyes.

hope that helps,

It could be that the moisturiser you're wearing is a little too greasy and is causing your eye make-up to smudge: try a lighter lotion formula. If that's not the case, try switching to a waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
maybe if you buy water proff and bring a couple q-tips out with you so when it smudges run the q-tip under water and take of the smudges

but carry your eyeliner and mascara to re-apply

(mine does the same thing)
I would switch brands. Try waterproof if that doesn't work. But I heard that it can be bad for and dry out your lashes. Maybe you just rub your eyes alot in school without realizing it and that is why it smudges.
get mac liquidlast liquid eyeliner it doesnt smear at all! and try not putting mascara on the bottom
if you're gunna complain then stop wearing it

sorry only thing i could think of.

i really hope that helped
same problem i dont know what is wrong! it sux but when you find the answer make sure i find out if thats possible thax
you could try using eye primer or switching brands
Then stop wear mascara and eyeliner

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