Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I keep my eyeliner from going to the corners of my eyes?

By like 2 hours after I put it on it's like under my eye and in the corners. I use NYC pencil eye liner if that matters.How can I keep my eyeliner from going to the corners of my eyes?
In the inner corners?

If so then you're going to far in with the pencil liner. Your tear duct is in in the inner corner of your eye so it runs and creates that dry flaky black crap in the corner of your eyes.

Otherwise you can always use liquid linerHow can I keep my eyeliner from going to the corners of my eyes?
Firstly you are using a very bad eyeliner, because NYC is very oily.


If you put a smooth base on your eyelid (use concealor, it works better than foundation) and daub the eyeliner on with a Q-Tip, it will stay.

A make-up artist I regularly work with colours in the very end of a q-tip with the eyeliner, and then draws the line on with the q-tip (in the same way you would with your pencil). This works because the q-tip absorbs the oil, and all that goes on to your eyelid is the pigment colour (which is what you want). It also goes on much more evenly and it looks better because the q-tip smudges into the lashes so you get a perfect line, rather then a wonky line, and also, without the oil, it stays put better.

You can build up the colour to whatever depth you like, and if you want a very deep colour which lasts all day you can ';set'; your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow. To do this get av very fine eyeliner brush, wet it, and then dip in your shadow. Use this to trace over your q-tip line, and you will end up with a very dark (like liquid liner) look which lasts.

Wetting eyeshadow makes it last and stops it from fading or falling off as it makes it into a paste rather than powder and paste holds to skin better than powder.
It depends if you line the inside of your eyes or not. if you don't, use a white eyeliner for your bottom inner eye. if you do, you can put a little white or neutral eyeliner in your inner corner (like duwop reverse eyeliner) or use primer before applying eyeliner to keep it in place
i'd recommend the maybelline expertwear because it's cheap and it goes on nicely. if you need to wear out the eyeliner you currently have i'd say avoid putting it in places that makes it prone to smudge and smearing.
idont think it looks good when liner goes in the inner corner either. i would use two different liners, [prob not nyc] but a white and black, white in the inner half and black in the outer half. then everything stays put %26lt;3
you need a new eyeliner.

i like mac and urban decay eyeliners. they go on super smooth and last for hours!

if your on a budget try revlon color stay.
ugh i hate that. every so often i try to get it out with my fingers hahah. idk what to do!!!!!sorry.
use a different eyeliner is the only suggestion i can think of.

NYC is crap.
get revlon coverstay waterproof.

that stuff works, nyc is cheap stuff..

so just get water proof stuff that should help (:
omg i hate that.... sorry but idk. i wish i did :)

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