Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been using eyeliner for about 4 months now. Whenever i put it on all the ';eye boogers'; or guck collects in the inner corners of my eyes. And also my eyes are kinda blury when i try to see and they water a bit too during the day. It is really annoying. It must be getting in my eye and making it that way.

I use it in my water line and bottom lid.

What are some eyeliners that wont do that?

thanks! =]Eyeliner..?
Are you putting it inside your lid??

Eyeliner should go on the outside. Your lashes should be between your eye and your liner.

Does your liner smudge easily? If it does then you need a higher quality liner that isn't going to get into your eyes.

Hope that helps!Eyeliner..?
Try a water proof one
Make sure you don't use the liquid liner it will just smear. I think the best liner is Maybellene define a line. It twists so it won't break. I hope I helped!

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