Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why does black eyeliner on your waterline make your eyes look smaller?

Whenever i put it on my eaterline my eyes look like tiny weeny little things why is this? Its not the same with white eyeliner!Why does black eyeliner on your waterline make your eyes look smaller?
The color black is minimizing, and white makes things look larger. That's why black makes people look skinnier and white makes people look heavier. If you'd rather use black eyeliner than white, try applying it just below your waterline, and using an angled shadow brush to apply some black powder over the line you've made. This will make your eyes look smoky and also larger as opposed to smaller.Why does black eyeliner on your waterline make your eyes look smaller?
Lol iu wondered that too its because its balck not the colour of your skin or your eye so it makes it look smaler. all depends on how much you apply eyeliner. a person that applies a lot of eyeliner on their upper eyelid would make their eyes smaller.

eyeshadow on your eyelid would help to increase your eye to be bigger.

dont put like a THICK layer of eyeliner cuz itll make your eyes seem smaller. haha

so eyeshadow, thin eyeliner on your waterline, and not a thick line on your upper lash line is all you need. :)

Please answer my questions
The darkness makes things look smaller or closer together. The color isn't bold and bright which tends to make things look a little bigger. Just like wearing a black shirt or pants - it tends to make you look slimmer.
yes black liner on your waterline does make the eyes appear smaller, although white liner is designed to go on your waterline to make the eyes appear larger! not sure why actually....

its magic!!!
Well think if it like clothing. Dark colors normally give the appearance of being smaller. While bold bright colors make you look bigger and stand out more.
white and light colors give the illusion that things are bigger
Small eyes look nice!
i dunno but ithink its cool

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