Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I stop my eyeliner from coming off during the day?

I have tried 4 different kinds of eyeliner and they all come off withing 2 or 3 hours of putting it on. How can I prevent myself form having to apply eyeliner 4 times a day?How can I stop my eyeliner from coming off during the day?
have you tried prestige soft blend khol eyeliner it stays on all day and you don't have to keep applying every time like you used to on your normal eyeliner.How can I stop my eyeliner from coming off during the day?
Have you tried water proof?
You can also try using an angled brush and use a dark eye shadow as eyeliner. That really works well for me.
i use clinique eyeline and it stays on the whole day through! it doesnt even come off in th e shower i have to use eyemakeup remover
dont try those liquid eyeliners those are not good. try those solid oe's. rub it on really hard ( not so hard tht it will hurt). ive done tht once and it stayed on for 24 hours.
there is no way.u might have oily skin that's y it comes off every 2/3 lease ur not like me.mine comes off within less than 30 minutes.
I get this too and wind up looking like a racoon after a few hours. I have discovered the magic of a concealer pen dabbed under my eyes really helps prevent this, try to get a powder based one.

Good luck, I fee your pain!
put on a lot of a light brwn or a light color so that it will look blck but will not come off so easily!

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Have you tried waterproof eyeliner? Usually eyeliner comes off when your eyes tear or from a little sweat.
Get an eyeliner that has Kohl as an ingredient. Prestige makes one.
I had the exact same problem (darn my oily eyelids!), but since I've switched to gel liners, my liner stays put. I recommend Bobbi Brown gel liners, especially, for nice neutral shades. For more colorful shades, try MAC Fluidlines or Stila Smudgepots.
tattto it on
switch to waterproof...

it won't come off for anything

i use revlons 16hr. and it works fantastically. =]
Try a little bit of pressed powder on your eyes (focus on under your eyes) before putting on your eye makeup. Don't put too much powder on though, especially if you're not using it for the rest of your face. That's worked for me. I think concealer might work too, but I haven't tried that.
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