Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you stop your eyeliner from running underneath your eyes?

I am an avid Mac user and have a problem with my eyeliner smudging and smearing under my eyes... What steps can I take to make sure my makeup stays put?How do you stop your eyeliner from running underneath your eyes?
before you put on your eyeliner put some conceler under your eyes , one that is a close match to your skin tone. And carry powder with you at all times to cover up any smudges. the conceler is a great way to help your makeup stay put under or around the eyes.How do you stop your eyeliner from running underneath your eyes?
WATERPROOF EYELINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
put loose powder on first then apply the eyeliner then re-apply the powder underneath the eye.
Sephora has this's by Benefit and called can apply it to eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, almost anything, lipstick and it makes your makeup stay put the whole's about $30...but trust me it is totally worth it...if you try it and don't like it save your reciept and return it!!! i have tried it myself and use it every day....especially good for those days when it's really humid out.....and u can buy it offline 2
Powder it first, then apply your eyeliner. then lightly powder it again (I said LIGHTLY). It'll last all day.
you can hairsray over it or you can use liquid water-proof eyeliner
I use pencil eyeliner, but I only put it half way around my eye at the bottom, starting from the corner furthest from your nose and drawing in. Liquid eyeliner will ALWAYS smudge no matter how much they say it won't
put translucent powder on before you put eyeliner on.
use waterproof eyeliner and dont touch your eyes!!!!!!! i find that very hard, but i dont want my makeup to smear!!
If you're using a pencil and not liquid eyeliner burn the tip with a lighter (a little) before you apply it, but let it dry first. It seems to help.
Buy waterproof eyeliner !
use a better brand of makeup. i suggest Clarins paris.
powder first. it will set the rest of your makeup...
Instead of using eyeliner use Eyeshadow (( I learned this tip from a MAC Beauty Consultant and trust me its so much better than eyeliner)).

First you start off with the eyeshadow (( I use MAC's charcoal because I like black eyeliner)) than I get a fine tip makeup brush than I pat it on where you would normally wear eyeliner.
umm try not to touch your eyes alot... or you can buy a smudge proof eyeliner.
sometimes it's not just your eyeliner--i had the same problem and it turned out to be runny mascara, not your should try waterproof mascara and maybe try putting eyeliner on the top of your eyelid-sometimes it looks better
Put some loose powder underneath the eyes, that should keep your liner from sliding. You can also try a waterproof liner, like Chanel Aquacrayon...(it's not MAC, I know).

Another option is to use Benefit's She-lac over your liner. it'll really last.
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Use waterproof eyeliner
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