Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to keep eyeliner from coming off inner rim?

How do u keep the eyeliner from the bottom inner rim to stay put and not smudge off? I've seen people heat up the eyeliner pencil before applying, but is there a brand that won't smudge off?How to keep eyeliner from coming off inner rim?
burn your eye pencil at the tip with a lighter. wait a few seconds for it to cool and apply. works so well. dont burn your eye though make sure its only slighlty warm. makes it so dark tooHow to keep eyeliner from coming off inner rim?
im not sure of any brand they all kinda suck. Report Abuse

I like Revlon Colorstay eyeliners.

Nice and cheap and I use them more than my MAC or Chanel eyeliners.

Use primer on your water line... I know, it sounds gross, but use a small brush or even a q-tip (might waste alot of product this way), but it's possible to get it onto your waterline (obviously as well as your lashline)

Use your better brand of eyeliner.

Then go over your eyeliner with the same colored eyeshadow to 'set' it (same idea if you use powder to set your foundation/concealer).

Or also invest in a soft kohl eyeliner. Can also be cheap. I use Rimmel's soft kohl eyeliner pencil in Pure White.

It's so soft and creamy that it easily applies .. almost THICKY on my waterline.. I still lightly go over it with white eyeshadow though...


I use a blowdryer to heat my eyeliners (as well as my eye lash curlers haha).
I just picked up some waterproof eye pencils from Bourjois and it is amazing how well it stays on the inner lower rim of my eyes and doesn't irritate my eyes or make them red at all! I am so thrilled. I used to wear this Almay pencil for years then all of a sudden, they stopped making it. After that I could never find anything to stay and not smear and not make my eyes a weepy, red mess. These pencils are great! I highly recommend them. I am going to try everyone's tips as well. I appreciate it!
you can try waterproof because that's most likely the reason why it's coming off, because your eyes are wet. I have the same problem and I definitely think if you switch to waterproof, it won't come off. good luck! :)
Reapply it throughout the day.
rimmel london jet black is amazingly good

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