Thursday, December 3, 2009

How much liquid eyeliner should I use for picture day?

Should it cover the entire eye or just the outer portion of the eye?How much liquid eyeliner should I use for picture day?
The less the better. THe point of makeup is not to look like you're wearing any, so try your hardest to make it look natural. Not the entire eye.How much liquid eyeliner should I use for picture day?

on the outer eye. put a line on the top and bottom. dont put so much that you lok like a clown but just use your normal amount .
be careful, because liquid is tricky. don't go with too much, but make sure you can at least sort of tell you're wearing eyeliner. don't make it dramatic tho, i had to do that for a play and it was scary. good luck!
that depends. if you have almond shape eyes, then you could pull off putting it over the whole lid. if you have kinda short (width-wise) eyes, then put it in the outher corner to make your eyes seem longer.
a little thicker on the outer corner

and a very thin line on the inner corner

achieves the ';cat eye';

but keep it simple, not too much
try doing the cat eye thing
Make it natural, natural is beautiful as i'm sure u must be! Have a nice picture day!
the darker and thicker the better....oh its not hollween yet is it
do not use too much, less is more in every sence of makeup. Agirl always looks prettier with less makeup, plus the all natural look is in now. Good luck on picture day!
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