Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I put on eyeliner so that is is a thin line rimming my eye?

Usually when I put it on it is a thick black line, which looks nice, but is also a bit much. How do I do it so that it is thinner but still dark and easy to notice? My pencils are thick, but I can't sharpen them perfectly and definitely not every time. Should I be using a brush? Do I just need to practice? (I've only been using it a year, once a month or so.)

Any suggestions?How do I put on eyeliner so that is is a thin line rimming my eye?
I put my eyeliner on my eyelid above my bottom lashes. The line is a fixed thickness so it is always the same. If you don't want to do it that way (some people don't like makeup products in their eyes) you should use a lipstick brush. It is very thin, firm and angled so you can get a detailed finish. Just brush the tip of your eyeliner with the brush and apply a thin line on top of your bottom lashes or just below them.How do I put on eyeliner so that is is a thin line rimming my eye?
Get a thinner pencil, and just practice.

Or line your upper water line, which is the part of your eye that is right underneath your upper eyelashes. Just pull your eyelid up a little bit and it's easy to line, maybe feel a little weird, but it adds just enough definition.

And i wouldnt use liquid eyeliner, its messy and irritating.

Hope i helped!
Definitely try to either sharpen it to a very thin point, or buy one that is already thin.

I've found that liquid eyeliner works a lot better, looks prettier, but takes much more practice.
my advice,

use liquid eyeliner because:

A. its way easier to use

B. its easier to wash off if you mess up.


C. you dont have to keep on sharpening the pencil if you get liquid eyeliner...
If you don't want to sharpen your eyeliner all the time, I recommend getting liquid eyeliner.

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