Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you apply eyeliner and actually make it look good?

I also would like to know what color eyeliner should be worn? I have brown eyes and have tried using brown eyeliner but it doesn't really change the look of my eye?How do you apply eyeliner and actually make it look good?
very carefully, and with lots of practice. if u are new to this. just get a basic black to start with.....have some type of make-up remover, or wet washcloth nearby..... with both hand, one hand holds skin a little tighter, the other hand draws the line....stay as close to lash line as u can . make a thin line...... if too wide may look funny... do other eye.... dont worry if uneven.. thats why its practice......... wipe,,, and repeat... just keep playing with it till you like the way it looks........try other light colors. see how you like themm........How do you apply eyeliner and actually make it look good?
the best like the girl above me said, liquid eyeliner, and you just have to practice it a few times... I use black and I have brown eyes, and I think it looks really goos. Just start really thin, and go from there.... oh, and the best brand, my favorite, is Artliner by Lancome. It's like 20 dollars, but it'll last you FOREVER!!! hahaha.
Apply that brown eyeliner on the top and make it as very close to your lash line as possible! Then, apply white eyeliner on the inner rims on your top and bottom lids to open your eyes more. Mascara and curling your eyelashes should make your eyes appear dramatic!
You should use a powder eyeshadow in a dark brown color and apply it with a special brush that is slanted and strong.
People with brown eyes like yourself look best in black liner so try black.
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If you have brown eyes, try wearing liquid dark blue eyeliner. It's usually less harsh than black and will make your eyes pop.
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