Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I keep my eyeliner from smearing?

When I put eyeliner on, it usually looks good for about an hour, then it'll eventually start smearing, which makes it look really bad after a full day at school.

What are some tip to keep it from smearing.

Any tips would amazing. :)

Thanks!%26lt;33How can I keep my eyeliner from smearing?
i had the same problem until i got NYC in black. its the best. its doesnt smear unless u cry way to much. if u dont cry alot then it wont smear,it will last all day, and it will look like u just put it on for the whole day. and its around 2 bucks which is a good price. trust me i would try this if i was u.=]How can I keep my eyeliner from smearing?
really it depends on the eyeliner. That happened to me for like, 2 years then i switched to chanel eyeliner. Chanel eyeliner is amazing. Its last me ... 5 months? %26amp; it stays on the whole day. Get this, i went boating, tubing and swimming in a river %26amp; it still stayed on. I get mine at Macy's at the chanel makeup counter. good luck (:
baby it's all gonna be alright :) take this from a former drag queen, make sure you dab some baby powder where you are going to apply the liner then apply it and smile at yourself in the mirror and say DANG i'm gorgeous and work those eyes :) feel free to contact me @ LOVE YA %26lt;3
you need a waterproof one honey. usually the liquid ones are better than crayon ones in terms of staying power too. also try putting some foundation on your eyelids first to prevent the grease causing the eyeliner to smudge
try a different eyeliner .;鈥?/a>
its best to use liquid eyeliner, that never smears. if its pencil your using it smuges a lot and its easier to use liquid, but you could try using a different eyeliner

hope this helped
I bought Maybelline Unstoppable once, and that stayed on my eyes longer.

Liquid eyeliner stays on good, but it's not the easiest to apply....I needed practice with that one.
try putting on some foundation powder before you apply.鈥?/a>
use anti smear ones

or yiou can do wuht i do, quickly rub below your eyes until you see your eyeliner on your finger
try a pencil eyeliner
primer first then powder to set

use an expensive eyeliner

doesn't smudge a bit :)
Let it dry. Don't rub your eyes. Leave them alone.

anti smear ones like jordana

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