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How do you apply eyeliner easier to the top eyelid?

I always miss! Is there any tips or strategies to use?How do you apply eyeliner easier to the top eyelid?
Use your free hand (the one that's not holding the eyeliner) to pull the corner of your eyelid tight to eliminate any wrinkles and help you get a nice smooth line. Apply eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line.How do you apply eyeliner easier to the top eyelid?
I use the Loreal marker eyeliner. It's not as thin as liquid eyeliner with that thin brush (which I can never use) and it's better than the pencil eyeliner.

There is no going wrong with this. Just get this and try it a few times and after some practice, you'll get your eyeliner looking perfect on the top eyelid, I promise. My friends have commented on how perfect my eyeliner was when they saw me and asked me how I made it so perfect, but it's really just so easy, you just have to have the right product. It really works and stays on ALL day. Give it a try, they sell it at Target and Wal*Mart as well.
i use a pencil on the top lid and go over with a liquid. i found that when i just use the liquid i don't get an even line, but by using the pencil first it's easier to apply and the liquid helps make the line darker and standout.

i use covergirl pencil (the kind that doesn't need sharpening) and l'oreal liquid liner.
Well, I don't wear eyeliner but my girlfriend does. I watch her put it on from time to time. I notice that she doesn't use a pencil but a really thin brush. I think she uses some dark eye shadow, then wets the tip of the brush and draws it on her eye....All I know is that she looks hot when she does! Hope this helps other ladies!
It is difficult! what i do is i use liquid eyeliner, and apply it on my lash line. it works very well. if your going to use regular eyeliner, aplly it in a thicker line on the top and then smudge it in to the lash line. wipe away any excess you dont want with a q tip.
Try to get the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible.

If it helps, you could make dots there with the eyeliner, then connect the lines.

It will help make it look better.

The trick I use is, if I mess up a little, I use a Q-tip to fix it.

1. You can slightly pull your eye lashline

2. You can look down into a mirror so you can see your full lashline

3. Gel Liner is really easy to like MACs Fluidline or L'Oreals

4. Smudge it out so you don't have to apply it perfect

Here's a video鈥?/a>
I personally like to use a cake eyeliner where you dip a slightly damp slanted eyeliner brush into a black shadow and hold your eye taut and apply. It's a lot easier than the stick liners and I like the way it looks too.
Well on theres a video of how to apply eyeliner on the top and bottom eye!! So heres the video link! Hope I Helped :) :)
I pull my eye into a slant outward so the skin is taunt, then feel along my lash line with the pencil, don't do it all in one stroke..... wiggle it back and forth a little bit as you go the length of you eye
ive tried but i give up

apparently streaching you eye works, dont work for me though

i recommend liquid eyeliner but a steady habd is best for that.
well actually, you might not want to, I always do mine around the bottom because if you use liner all the way around it actually makes your eyes look alot smaller.
pull your eye to the side (so it goes from o to %26gt;)

I usually just do the bottom outer lid, and then the inner lower, and upper lids. It completes the black ring, and it looks fine.
use the liquid eyeliner

its easier
Are you talking about the inner top or outer top?

Either way practice and a good eyeliner!! lol
close your eyes and hope

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