Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is the best eyeliner that doesnt smear?

Every eyeliner I buy is never right. First I had the pencil and it didnt rub on dark enough, and then I bought the soft kind and it just smears all over the place so what I am looking for is an eyeliner that DOESNT smear and will go on dark. Any cosmetic experts know of any? So far I have tried Covergirl and Nyc Pencils and also Covergirl %26amp; Avon soft eyeliners. None satisfied me so I need help!What is the best eyeliner that doesnt smear?
hahahah Maybelline and Covergirl are the worst make up brands to use.

If you want quality, splurge. Stila's smudge pots are inexpensive ($16) and they can be applied as eyeliner via brush. It stays on all day, never smears, and the only way I can get it off is with eyemake up remover. The pigment is intense and looks the same hours after the application. You can order it at sephora.comWhat is the best eyeliner that doesnt smear?
I did the same thing I had cover girl I still have it.... I just reapply it in the bathroom at schooold every 4 hours or somethinglike that.
i use avon soft and im actually quite pleased with it. it does smear but nothing touching up before finishing your makeup cant fix.

i had this one it was great im thinking it was maybelline. looooved it.
i like estee lauder.
I've been wearing Liquid Eyeliner in Black...Loreal ONLY! It's the best, it does not smear easily..stays on all day.

I've even fallen asleep without washing it off, it's still on when I awake. Just make sure you get the liquid in the gold tube...the end looks like a pencil but it's very flexible.

If this would be your first time to use liquid, use one of your pencils first...then trace over with Loreal liquid! Good Luck!
You cant go wrong with mac eyeliner. Victoria Secret also has a great new eyeliner.
The one from Avon or the one you could get at CVS..its called prestige and its silver!! not the actual eye liner but the color of the pencil!! seriously their good!
Why don't you try Mary Kay. I use the liquid and my daughter wears the pencil and it seems to work great for us. If you need to know more on Mary Kay Products email me.
You could use liquid eyeliner...I've never tried it, but all my friends do, and love it!
Merle Norman Creme Eyeliners
MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil is really good, nice color and last for whole day:鈥?/a>
liquid eyeliner is the way to go baby!

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