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I have worn eyeliner for years always opting for the pencil type, then I started to get curious and tried using eyeshadow applied with a moist qtip. My question is, recently I purchased liquid eyeliner, can anyone tell me how to put it on so I dont look like a racoon? Seriously, I can never get the line straight or even, one end is always thicker than the other. Should I just give up and go back to pencil?Eyeliner~~~?
* Makeup Tips --eyeliner鈥?/a>Eyeliner~~~?
the thing with liquid eyeliner is that your hand has to be really calm but if i were u id stick to the pencil it takes a lot less time..
I have had the best luck with powdered eyeshadow applied with a slanted brush. Also, I sometimes moisten the brush with Visine before swiping it across the powder shadow. It helps to set the liner. This way you are not limited to certain colors and can also accent your shadow with your liner. There are also transformer liquids you can use with your powder shadows, but I have tried and few with no success. I still occasionally use a pencil, but always go over it with powder. It helps it stay longer and never smudges. I have never had any luck with liquid liner, though I envy those that can get that perfect line. I just never could. Good luck!
i would say that using a pencil is easier, because if you ,mess up, it is easier to take off. liquid is better though because it shows up better and it doesn't smear.
k, get a big magnifyed mirror, make very careful strokes, and i do it from the outerpart inwards, um i would say just tak your sweet as s time because it will be worth it, and that crap burns when u get it in your ees...also if you mess up, just take a q-tip and correct it, or just stick to pencil, i like the ones that you dont have to sharpen
Liquid eyeliner is super hard to put on at first. I personally like the look of the pencil better and it does not run as much as liquid.
personally i prefer the pencil, but if you want the liquid you should use an angle brush and make tiny whisp like lines,and a lot of practice would also help
Just practise. Try doing a dot to dot with a dollar store liquid eyeliner to get more control, then use a good one for your eyes. It works :)

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