Monday, November 30, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good with dark brown eyes?

I have dark brown eyes and I use black eyeliner. But I think it might be too harsh for everyday. Even if I put on just a little bit it looks like a lot. What other colors would be nice. Any eye makeup tips?What color eyeliner looks good with dark brown eyes?

Gold or Bronze

Really Dark Olive Green (looks best)

I think purple and blue look too costume-y (and kind of 80s.).What color eyeliner looks good with dark brown eyes?
i think all of these following colors would look great and give you a variety to choose from everyday:




navy blue

I hope this helps!! =)

P.S. also think light shades of brown and even purples from time to time for eyeshadow, keep it simple and fun!
dark brown or black with a green gold or black eyeshadow
Use brown eyeliner or black/brown instead of plain black. It is too harsh for everyday....should only use it on special occasions. Same thing goes for mascara.
green might work depending on the shade

brown ar gold is always good
purple. but black always looks good.
Maybe like a purple...with light purple eyeshadow or green! Brown is also great, but you can always try something new! Good luck hope i've helped!
with brown eyes you can get away with pretty much anything.. blue is funky purple is every day with a twist gold is just ah-mazing green would be cool and black is dramatic whitch might be why it looks like a lot hope this helps!! if you have time i would appreciate if you helped with my questions thanks!! :)
try blue or a mettallic purple
purple looks great with brown
If you have pale skin, then use brown or dark brown (almost black) eyeliner. If you have tan skin, then use black eyeliner. Too get a more dramatic look you can try using dark purple and navy blue. Use the same shades that you use for eyeshadow.
the greens and the golds always look good.
A good way to bring out the color in your eyes is to use the opposite color of them.. for example, if you have brown eyes use blue or navy blue and you'll see that they will stand out more, and if you have blue eyes use brown, for green use purple, and so on.

So if you try navy blue eyeliner it would work best than your every-day black eyeliner.
I have dark browm eyes also and I wear 3 different colors. Brown is my normal eyeliner, when I want to make my eyes look deeper I use a saphire blue liner and when I want them to have a bit of a golden hue I use emerald green.

brown eyeliner w/ some tan or brown eyeshadow
my best friend has really small brown eyes and it really makes her face look awkword, she never had luck with guys but she tried purple eyeliner and it made her eyes look huge, now she cant keep the guys off her. purple really works. you should try it. good luck
Use a brown eyeliner, I like Jordana's eyeliner at Walgreens
I have dark brown eyes too and most days (can't wear anything too intense at work), I use a gold eyeliner. It's not very noticeable at all, but it makes my eyes pop, and it reduces the bags under my eyes when I don't get enough sleep.

I'd also suggest chocolate brown, you can smudge it a little with a brush to make it appear less harsh, and since it matches your eyes it will be more subtle than black.

You could also skip eyeliner entirely, use a lipstick brush or another with a really thin little point, wet it a little, then whip it through some eyeshadow and apply just on your lash line, like you would eyeliner. You could use any color of shadow, brown and gold always work well with brown eyes, and green would be really striking. Hope that helps!
Brown green blue really depends on what you are wearing also. Try Brown.

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