Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do you apply eyeliner to look like a model?

I use eyeliner everyday. I usually get as close to the lash line as possible and extend the line alittle off my top lid. Then I half-way line my bottom lid. But I'm tired of doing it that way. I have almost every color eyeliner so say what you wish.How do you apply eyeliner to look like a model?
I heard from Cosmo that Models apply white in the lower eyelid then black,to make their eyes look bigger.Go around with pencil then flick on top lid with liquidHow do you apply eyeliner to look like a model?
i pull down my eye and apply to the line but u have to use waterproof especially if u are going to cry
The best way in my opinion is with a slanted thin brush, best place I've found to get those is Sephora and dry eyeliner, wet the brush, just slightly, dip into the powder, apply to the top lid and the inside of the bottom, lid, use a smoking brush, to blend.
what i do when i want to look edgy or a little interesting is draw a line all the way along my bottom lash line and then do the outer half of the top. It's very dramatic especially if you blend an eyeshadow in with the eyeliner on the top lid. =)
Why don't you try the smoky eyeliner look.

Here is a tutorial of how to apply:鈥?/a>

- MiKA%26lt;3
Models go with what works with their features. So if it makes your eyes look fab, then you're doing what a model would do.
I'm no model, but I have found that my favourite tips come from Carmindy (TLC make up girl). She usually uses a brush and sealing liquid and squishes the colour right into the lash line.

Check out her website! She gives good tips on looking your best!!!

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