Saturday, November 28, 2009

What happens when you get eyeliner in your eye?

My daughter was experimenting to see how it would look with eyeliner and she went to wash it off and She believes some got in her eye. She says it hurts a lot and her eye is bloodshot. Is this just sensivity or a small reaction?

Thanks ahead of time for answers!What happens when you get eyeliner in your eye?
they make those make up for all types and especially for eyes they do it extra hypoallergenic so if your daughter get irritated with a little amount in her eyes i guess its not small reaction, always wash with water and try to see your dermatologist and ask for a specific brand of make up for herWhat happens when you get eyeliner in your eye?
that happens 2 me all the time but only when the pecil slips and pokes me. the blood shotness fades with blinking. Its like when ur not used to a certain fabric, u feel uncomfortable 4 a while till u get used to it and thats the same things eyes. nothing 2 worry about
It's infected go to your doctor.
i think its sensitivity... if the reddening or irritation gets worse, see a doctor... i get makeup in my eyes all the time but i'm far from sesitive to it...
i think see a doctor for a while
Well, I get makeup in my eye often, and it burns for a few seconds. Then, I rinse it out and everything is fine again. My eye has never gotten red or bloodshot, so I think your daughter may be experiencing an unusual reaction. Let her sleep on it tonight, and if she wakes up and it has not returned to normal or if it has gotten worse, I suggest you taking her to the doctor to get things checked out.
That happens to me too, but not when I wash it off.

I'd suggest not using that brand of eyeliner and perhaps a sensitive eyeliner :3

i think it's a reaction because i get eye liner in my eye all the time [when i try to take it off], but my eyes don't hurt and are not bloodshot. So yeah i think it's just a reaction.
Well, usally your suppose to get a Q-tip and get it off or blow on her eye,

But since I Dont think you did that,

Tell her to wet the eye,

and if it gets worst,

see a doctor.

Hope she gets better!
I have done that with mascara - nothing happened. I also just got soap in my eye this evening and got the same result. Keep rinsing her eye with cool water and eventually the pain and redness with go away.
The red and pain should go away in an hour or less. I've gotten it in my eye before, its nothing to be concerned about.
don't wear eyliner just mascara
That's a bigger reaction than I hear people usually getting. Maybe she will fare better with mineral makeup (but not bare minerals, the bismuth in it will hurt the eye)

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