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How do you put eyeliner on the top lid?

I have tried the pencil and the liquid kind, but neither of them have worked for me; it always comes out too thick or smears. Any tips?How do you put eyeliner on the top lid?
Liquids and pencils usually leave a really harsh line, which is sometimes unflattering. If you're going to use them, pull your eye lid to the side (eye closed) and try to smudge the liner into your lash line. Use a Q-Tip to smooth the liner so its not as harsh and creates a smokey kind of look (so hot right now).

Liquids are tricky. You have to have a fairly steady hand as they do not smudge well.

THE BEST IDEA: get a small angle brush and use EYE SHADOW! If you wet the brush and dip it in your chosen shadow color and smudge it into your lash line. Otherwise, use a dry brush and the line will again be less harsh and you have more color options!

Good Luck!How do you put eyeliner on the top lid?
I never tried liner cause it always went everywhere and it looked bad. I went into MAC last week and bought a brush and talked ot a nice girl there who told me about their Fluidline liner. It comes in a jar and you use a brush to put it on. You have total control over it and it doesn't come out smeared. It comes in a bunch of colours. I'm thinking of going back and getting another jar of a diff colour.

The site doesn't do the colours justice tho.
I've wondered the same thing......whenever I apply it to the top lid it smears horribly.
i used to have the same problem what you need to do is use gel eyeliner it comes with a thin brush that you dip in the eyeliner and then apply to your eye. it isn't as tricky as liquid liner but still has a sharp, defined look (if you want the liner to be soft quickly smear it a bit) the best part about gel eyeliners is that they don't smudge and last for many hours!
check the links below for beauty tips to:-- Makeup - how to apply.鈥?/a>
well like close ur eye and just with the liquid one draw it on
use a pencil and woith it facin up go right next to your eyeslashes.
buy an angled brush and use eyeshadow, place it as close to the eyelashes as just gives it a lot softer of a look...u dont want it to look too harsh so dabb it off on a piece of tissue...remember less is more, if it is too lite u can always go darker...but once it is dark, thats it, its dark....a good angled brush for a good price is at Shoppers Drug Mart in the QUO line...its about $12 and will last a life time....Hope this helps and if u need any more tips u can email or IM me if u want.
its not a good idea i did it once and i got an eye infection for 3 WEEKS!!!! hope i helped
rest the lower parst of your palm on your chin and open your mouth, do short feathery lines along the eyelid starting by the nose. Get as close to the lashes as possible.

until you get really good at it try putting it on then smudging it with a q-tip, this will take the extra off and make the line less sharp and defined. It will also push some of the liner closer to the lashes and fill in that gap. Eventually you'll be able to put it on easily, it just take practise.
i like the liquid liner now but i have had to practice it a lot..i started with a pencil and the trick with that is make sure it is SHARPENED. so that there is an actual point, and you can draw with it like an artist would.. if you want to toss the pencil (i did) and go with liquid ,try brushing some off first ,maybe up to three times, so there is hardly any on the tip, and lightly start at the outer edge ,where it is ok to be thicker ,and practice working your way in.. however i actually do it the opposite way in-to-out to ease some of the tension you could put your arm on a surface while leaning in really close to the mirror, also try using a soft brown or neutral color so that when and if you go to black it isnt so scary.
well I use the pencil then the little thing that comes on the end of it that you can even it out... I use the liquid also.. but mine doesn't smear..but i use the pencil more than anything.. there are alot of different kind of eye liners out there I would stick the pencil and just keep it sharpened..but if you like the gothic look then also the pencil is good for thickness
Hold your eyelid slightly taut (for liquid) and draw a thin line (unless you want the dramatic look) across your lid slowly. To make your lashes look like you have more extend the line a tiny bit out past your eye. Liquid liner is great for enhancing your lashline. Just practice it'll get easier!
I take my finger and stretch the top outer corner of the top eyelid out. Then with the hand i write with, i drag the eye pencil among the line where my eyelashes start. Go as thin or thick as you like. Make sure you have a sharp pencil so you can see what you're doing and the line is more defined. Go slow. I had trouble putting eyeliner on my top lid, too, but i just practiced and i wear eyeliner on the top of my eye all the time. I hope i helped!! hope it works!!
okay you just open your eyes really big and put the eye liner on behind your lashes. you know, that second lid, yea well just apply it behind your top eyelash. BUT i prefer using the powder instead with a slanted brush. hope this will help you!

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