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How to apply black eyeliner on the lower lid, so that the eyes appear dark and stay dark without re-applying?

I have dark hair, tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. How do I apply a black eyeliner to the lower lid to make my eyes look professional like the movie stars? I want my eyes to appear dark and defined, for everyday use.How to apply black eyeliner on the lower lid, so that the eyes appear dark and stay dark without re-applying?
Apply it under the eyelashes, a little smudgy using a pencil rather than liquid. But, don't use black, use a charcoal, deep slate or navy blue, or deep burgundy. Do not put it all the way in the interior corner of your eye -- use a little pale blue or ocher in that area.

If you use base, do not bring it up to your lower lashes, but stop a little short, and use a touch of powder to help it stay.

Applying it over your lashes will actually make your brown eyes look way smaller, the ridge of flesh above your lashes will make your eyes look way larger.

You do, after all, want your eyes to look large and seductive, not beady and all made up.How to apply black eyeliner on the lower lid, so that the eyes appear dark and stay dark without re-applying?
I apply mine above the lashes (lower lashes) not below them and it works for me!
As an artist AND person who wears makeup, pencilled, smudged and shaded eyeliner UNDER the eyelashes. Because the darkness of the line is FURTHER AWAY than your upper lash line the DISTANCE IS GREATER, your eye then appears larger -- it is an illusion, a shadow. There is a reason that professional makeup artists are called that, artists, as they use the same techniques as artists do.

Why not try one eye with liner smudged under the lashes, and try the other with a heavy, harsh black line above the lashes. I don't doubt that you'll see that the more subtle shadowing under your lashes produces the ';larger eye'; effect.

I am watching a movie as I write this, and every wide-eyed beauty has her liner under the lashes.

Lining the eye above the lashes is trendy right now -- as it was in the 1960s and thereabout, but brown eyes -- from an artist's point of view -- are not best served by trendy makeup, as it makes brown eyes disappear. In art, dark makes something recede into the background, ergo, make it look smaller. To make that dark object appear larger, it is surrounded by a lighter hue -- in this case the eye area above the lashes.
i do mine above the lower eyelashes , and keep going over it for a darker look , but eyeliner does come off after a fades away i have to apply mine 2-3 times aday
Heres what i do. I simply just dab the top of the eyeliner on something and apply. And when i mean dab, i mean like pretty much taking off the top layer . That helps it stay on, too. =)
Waterproof liquid eye liner works best for me on the inside rim of my lower lashes. It seems to last longer. I wear contacts and it doesn't bother me but it does bother some contact lens wearers. Some models use white liner on the inner rim to make their eyes look larger. Some makeup artists say you shouldn't line the inner rim of your eyelashes beacuse eyeliners shouldn't get into your eyes.
Try to use a primer and then a sealant. But the sealant has to be last resort, as it doesn't really let your skin breathe.

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Why not go to some of the makeup sites like Covergirl, etc., and look at how the models are made up. Lots of times they have makeup tips. You got two good answers in the bunch. Definitely under the lashes if you want your eyes to look ';professional like the movie stars,'; ';instead of trendy.
Make sure you apply alot of eyeliner. Go over it a few times on the lower lid and make sure you get the inside of the lower lid.

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