Saturday, November 28, 2009

How to get eyeliner off white jeans?

please help ive just put my eyeliner on my jeans. not liquid. i need help quick.How to get eyeliner off white jeans?
Use some make-up remover cream. It is very gentle on the fabric. Wipe away as much as you can with the cream and then spot treat with your laundry detergent then wash on cold in the washer. This way, you can retreat if it does not all come out whereas ith hot water, the stain is set.How to get eyeliner off white jeans?
Pre-soak in Oxy before you wash
spray-n-wash works good on that kinda stuff
Use OxyClean, this is great on anything white....I got ink on a white sweater, soaked in OxyClean before I washed it, and it took it all out.

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