Monday, November 30, 2009

How can I help prevent my eyeliner from falling?

I always wear eyeliner, and while it's neat in the morning, by late afternoon I find that some of it has fallen under my eyes. How can I prevent this from happening? I've heard that putting foundation on my eyelids will help, so should I try that?How can I help prevent my eyeliner from falling?
Here are the steps to keeping your eyeliner fresh-looking all day:

1) Wash your face with soap and water and apply moisturizer

2) If you use foundation, put that on next. It does help keep eyeliner on longer.

3) Next, make sure your eyeliner is in good condition. You can always store it in the fridge after its been sharpened to keep it hard and ready for use.

4) Then apply your eyeliner as usual. (For a smoky eye effect smudge the line you drew with a Q-tip and you're done.)

Also, try not to touch your eyes -- that helps a lot.How can I help prevent my eyeliner from falling?
well, it really depends on what kind of eyeliner you use.. because i use eyeliner myself and yes i have had that.. the only way to prevent that is to change whatever eyeliner that is. I recommend REVLON'S 16 HOUR STAY. it's the best eyeliner i've used in 3 years! it'll stay in place, and won't smudge. the only thing bad about it is that it takes forever to wash it off. Because i really don't trust anything on my face so i don't use makeup removers. Well, i hope this was helpful.
Yes that will help a lot. Part of the purpose of foundation is to prep your skin for other makeup. You should also make sure you have a good eye liner and don't put it on too thick. I use a black eyeshadow for my liner, and I put it on very thin. It stays for a long time. The liquid liner from Lancome is very good if you want a hard line, and so is the Blinc eyeliner, which is made of a strange waterproof material that stays put very well, and kind of ';peels off'; when you're done with it. Their mascara is very good too, but it doesn't lengthen very well.
you can prevent eyeliner from falling by not rubbing your eyes and make sure that you re-touch your make up once in a while
Get a MAC eyeliner brush, with the black Shadow/liner. Slightly wet the tip prior to putting on your eyeliner. It will stay in place all day. I work out on my lunch and it is still on when I go home.
I have the solution. this used to happen to me constantly with even eyeliner from MAC. but now i use revlon waterproof eyeliner. its amazing. i have been using it for the past year and it is like a dream come true. i rarely have to re apply. after you have it on for about 6 hrs, it smudges a little in the outer corners. but that is easily fixed with a handy dandy q-tip. but that eyeliner is definately the best. try it! = )
Foudation Helps a Lot...

When u apply ur eye creme, avoid to wear them on top of ur eyelids not to make them oily...

make sure the cover creme, Anticern, is not oily too...

use good quality eyeliners...

All the Best

try won't lose anything

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