Saturday, November 28, 2009

What is the best eyeliner color for brides?

I am getting married and want my makeup to be flattering but not too overdone. I heard that black eyeliner is the way to go for brides, but I have dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, and pretty fair skin, and I feel like black eyeliner is usually too much for me. Is it a ';must'; on the wedding day though?

Thanks!What is the best eyeliner color for brides?
Do a chocolate brown eyeliner with a light matte eyeshadow. Go to your local sephora, and ask them to do your makeup. Ask them for tips, they will know what will look best for your big day. :)

Congradulations and good luck!What is the best eyeliner color for brides?
no it isnt a must, it may look good on some people but not all people. for you probably a light brown. t really depends on you eyeshadow

eyeshadow eyeliner

light brown- light brown

pink - gray

sliver - gray

*you dont need black but if you wanted to use it then put it on lightly
I would say a caramel brown would be stunning..

Or even white!

You could also do like, a gray.

I think black would be odd for a wedding.. Especially if you have hazel eyes, you shouldn't wear black.
Defanatly black, and go with a light eye shadow, that goes with your eyes or hair, and if you really dont wanna try black go for a color eyliner.
Its not a ';must';, its your wedding day and you want to look your best so do what you think makes you look the best personally I think black looks good on anyone :) .
Get a make up stylist.

Its better if they do it for you.
Lavender or coral pink.

Anything pastel colored (:

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