Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the correct way to apply eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger?

Should you put eyeliner on the top and bottom? Just on the outer side of the eyes? What do you suggest?What is the correct way to apply eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger? really depends, you need 3 essential things : a black eyeliner, white eyeliner and a really good mascara....

1, Apply the black eyeliner on the top lid

(just on top of ur lashline, leavin no skin color between ur line n lashes AND draw thinner in the inner corner and thicker in the a wing if u wana~) %26lt;- this helps define ur eyes

2, Apply the white eyeliner 1/3 the way on the bottom......1/3 from in to out

(this helps opennin ur eyes)

3, Apply the black eyeliner 2/3 from out to in

4, Apply mascara so the liners wont burry ur eye really opens and magnify your eyes ;)

%26lt;- if ur lashes face down then u needa curl it b4 hand......oh n u may wana use a hair dryer to heat it up a bit, don't make it too hot so it'll burn ur lids!!! this really helps

Please go watch this:鈥?/a>

%26lt;- this teaches u a look but refers strongly how to do eyeliners n how to make ur eyes look big鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

%26lt;- these are techniques of u really would want n needa know

she is my fav youtube channel %26lt;3 %26gt;v%26lt;

hope i helped u out....good luck ;)

What is the correct way to apply eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger?
If you are using a pencil which it sounds like; be sure it is sharp to get a thinner line. Another trick is to put your eyeliner pencil in the freezer. It becomes easier to apply and will go on smoother. Since you are experiencing smudges, I would try a felt type liner pencil. They go on smooth and create a thin or thicker line depending on how hard you press. They are much less likely to smear. Another idea, when you apply eye liner to the inside or underneath your lashes, your eyes will water, causing the liner to smudge. Hope this helps!

i have big eyes and make my eyes smaller with eyeliner

so my advice is to do the opposite of what i do :)

i only apply eyeliner on the corner of my eye and just flick it out from the top and bring it in underneath my eye. and i also apply kajal in my eye.

for you i suggest not to do a flick and just apply eyeliner at the top of your eye not too thick and not to apply kajal at the bottom. just keep it simple and you can also wear white kajal in your eye as that really opens up your eyes.

also try a little white shimmer dust on your brow bone. trust me it'll work

hope i helped.
putting eyeliner on the inside of your eyes makes them look smaller.

just have a thin line over the top and a tiny line in the end corner of your eyes to make them stand out!

also lots of mascara makes them look bigger and longer!
Take a eyeliner in form of a pencil and apply on the top and bottom. Then use your finger and smudge/blend it in. It will create a wide eye effect.
Apply it however you like, then put white eyeliner on your bottom waterline =]

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