Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the best way to clean eyeliner under your eye rims?

I love that smokey eye look, normally i would line just halfway under the eye. For more intensity, i line the whole eye but the liner under the eyes are really hard to remove. I will usually end up with panda eyes the next morning. Anyone knows the best way to remove it gently and effectively? Thanks!What is the best way to clean eyeliner under your eye rims?
put eye makeup remover (just a bit) on a damp cotton swab and use that to clean up your eyeliner or use one of those make up removing clothes (baby wipes work too).What is the best way to clean eyeliner under your eye rims?
take a Q-tip with just a small of hand lotion and wipe under your eye. The lotion will remove the eyeliner and its very gentle
cheapo baby wipes from target are my secret trick. cheaper and more effective than those makeup removing wipes. a great way to wash your face too, when you were out with Jose, Jim, and Jack at the bar all night.
a good eye makeup remover with a Q-tips, eye makeup remover is made especially for this, and gentle, wipes and anything else it to harsh on the delicate skin around your eyes, be really careful with your eyes, they get damage and look old very fast.
Q-tips. works for me! Just put a small amount of water on the tip them clean your eye
I use Simple Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover, I brought it from Boots and I find that it works very well
baby wipes, the softest ones! what ever brand you choose.
well usually eye make up remover works...but if not my mom used a little bit of cooking oil to get rid of it....only do that if you really have to...clogs pores.
if you are trying to get makeup of your eyes use vasilean cus it want hurt.
go to any drugstore or walmart, what have you, and buy some eye make-up works dreams and its painless, u get a cotton ball, and its the consistency of water and it just comes right off :)
a great makeup remover is philosophy, purity ..found @ sephora or even eBay.. but a less costly way would be baby wipes.
the best, effective and cheap way would be Baby wipes. Any brand will work and they are gentle around your eye area, try it and say good bye to panda eyes. good luck.
I think that using baby shampoo is the absolute best way to get rid of eye makeup. You can use a washcloth or cotton balls.

If you use baby oil or something with an oily base, it clogs the pores of the eyelids.
Baby oil...
i think the best way to clean it up is to use baby wipes/wet tissue or by using petroleum jelly.and cotton:)
Dab a piece of cotton wool in baby oil and wipe your eyeliner away. Tada! It's gone!
Try Ponds Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover.

It's a top ranked product. See this source for why.
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