Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the best mascara and eyeliner out today?

I would like a mascara that doesn't clump and I would like an eyeliner that does not smudge or fade over the course of the day. If there are such products, then I would like to purchase them. Thanks in advance for your help!What is the best mascara and eyeliner out today?
i think that covergirl (the Queen Latifa) line is very good. i have used covergirl for many years now, and still find their products to be great. so if you want some good mascara, this is the line to use, even with other products as well. getting a good eyeliner is essential also. i have had problems with my eyeliner in the past, because i have oily skin, and my eyeliner tends to rub off to the top lid by the middle of the day. if you would like, you should make sure you use an oil free powder foundation and make sure you put some on your lid too. this will prevent the eyeliner from rubbing off during the day.What is the best mascara and eyeliner out today?
Best Mascara: MAYBELLINE - XXL Volume %26amp; Length Mascara

Best Eyeliner : Unstoppable鈩?Eye Line
I just bought physicans formula eyeliner( the kind that u twist up) in dark brown and really like it. Also try maybelline Lash stylist for mascara.
Ahhhh...... I'm still looking for an eye liner that doesnt smudge... all I know is that Revlon eye liner DOES smudge, Collection 2000 smudges and the Cat walk eye liner does.

Edit: Oh I forgot to add which mascara I find the best, that is Lash Exact Cover Girl Mascara. It is easy to apply and it washes of like a charm with a tiny bit of rubbing! The worst mascara I find is Lash Stylist Maybelline New York, it is the most DIFFICULT mascara on earth to take off, I have pulled out many eyelashes with this cosmetic!
best mascara rimmel VOLUM' EYES it's darkens seperates NO CLUMPS and lengthens and it's cheap the comb is reallly big and it's solid so that helps seperation..the best eyeliner is the l'oreal telescopic mascara the liner is solid so it goes on smooth..just perfection%26lt;3
I am still searching for the perfect eyeliner, but I like physicians formula eyeliner which doesn't smudge, it's like a sharpie with a finer tip. It is pretty precise. However, it depends how your going to use it. This is good for on top of the lash line like how I use it, I don't know how it would work on the inner rims of the eyes though. As for the best mascara I would say great lash by maybeline, there's a reason it's been around forever. It has a good consistency, doesn't flake unless it's old and doesn't clump. I have tried a few lancome mascaras which cost a great deal and while they may be nice they're not THAT much better if at all. Hope this helps you!
Mascara. my favorite product will oviously be the Mabelene idk how to spell it. the XXL kind.

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