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What is the proper way to apply eyeliner?

My mom always says that mine is too thick on, or else smudgy and ugly. I really want to learn how to apply it right. What is the best type to use, and the best way to apply it? What kinds do you recommend? Are there any online tutorials? Thank you so much!What is the proper way to apply eyeliner?
Eyeliner makes your eyes stand out by defining them and accentuating their shape. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stroke, you can embellish the windows to your soul by spending just a few minutes in front of a mirror with an eyeliner pencil.

1)Choose an eyeliner appropriate for your eye color. Brown, navy and charcoal accent light eyes well, while black, navy and plum shades flatter brown eyes. Make sure your liner complements the color of your shadow.

2)Consider the type of look you're after. Pencil eyeliner gives your eyes soft definition, while liquid versions offer precision and drama. You can also moisten dark eye shadow and apply it with a small, flat brush.

3)Prepare to apply the eyeliner.

-If you are using a pencil, sharpen it. Warm and soften the very tip of the pencil by heating it with a lighter or a hot zap from a hair dryer. This will help it write smoother.

-A liquid liner should be checked for clumps or excess.

-Prepare a cake liner or a dark eye shadow by applying a small amount of water (usually one or two drops) to your brush. Move the wet brush gently through your cake liner or dark shadow. Hold the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen.

4) Rest the elbow of your dominant arm on a hard surface, and rest your wrist on your face.

Tilt your head back slightly and bring your eyes to a half-open state. This creates a good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you're doing.

5)Use your left index finger (if you are right handed) or your right index finger (if you are left handed) and pull your eyelid gently to the side and slightly up, towards the far end of your eyebrow. This step is optional, because some people find it easier to draw accurately on a relaxed eye; also, stretching the eye may encourage wrinkling. To prevent the eyelid from shaking if you do not pull it, focus gently but intently on your eyes in the mirror. If you are applying eyeliner to someone else's eyes, ask them to choose one spot on the wall to look at.

6)Draw a line across the upper lid, just above the lashes. Depending on the shape and size of your eye, you may want to start at the middle of your eye, or you may want to start from the inside corner of the eye. With a pencil, draw a series of connected lines; with wet shadow or liquid eyeliner, draw long, smooth strokes. Take your time and keep your hand steady. If you're using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eyes all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eye.

7)Smudge or sharpen the line. Soften the look by gently smudging the line with your brush, a cotton swab or your finger (don't do this with liquid liner, though, which is supposed to remain sharp and clean). Flick the line up at the end of the eye, creating a dramatic, almost cat-like effect. Smudge the line.

8)Line the lower lids. Some people put the liner just below the lower lashes, while others prefer to put it on the rim of the eye, above the lashes (see Warnings). Moving from the outside edge inward, draw a line on the outer two-thirds of the lid or more, depending on the look you're going for. Your line should be slightly thicker at the outside corner, becoming thinner as it moves in toward your nose. Using your brush or pencil, lightly stroke the area. If using a liquid liner, apply it in one smooth stroke.What is the proper way to apply eyeliner?
hi doll!

i live on Maybelline's Define-A-Line eyeline. It's fabulous--it glides on ever so smooth, and in case you feel that it's too heavy, the opposite end of the pencil has a ';smudge brush';. you never have to sharpen it, so it's definitely user friendly.

another tip, maybe go down a shade or two in color... that can also help remedy the problem of looking too thick/overwhelming. aaaalso, there's an awesome girl on youtube (panacea81) that does make-up tutorials--especially for eyes! ...don't worry, it's not me doing a plug for myself. i just love kim kardashian's eyes so i use her tutorials for my makeup. :)

hope this helps! good luck honey :)
ok there isn't really a right way to wear eyeliner you can wear it in your water line (most people do but it makes your eyes look smaller) or on your lower lash line (makes your eyes look bigger thats what i do =]) you can do it on your top lid/lash line hell you can even do little designs around your eyes =] but i recomend that you get…

they are amazing you will need a brush but you can use them any where on your eye =] and stay on a long time
if you do the top lid

you can use a pencil that is creamy and doesnt pull yur skin

you can also use a liquid one it easy to use and easy to come off

or a gel which i never used soo yah iunno much bout it

look up on utube how to apply eyeliner ALOT of people put videos of it up


Put a teeny bit of powder in the cap, swipe the brush in the cap and press into your lash line. Lift and press into the lash line again next to the line you just applied. Its like connecting the dots when you apply this instead of sweeping it across your lid. That way it gets very close to your lashes and fills in between them giving you a natural look and fuller lashes. Then if you want a more dramatic, liquid liner look, just apply more powder. I love this kit. Don't know what I'd do without it. I even put a teeny bit on my lower lashes. You just put the brush right on your lash base and while your pressing down you just wiggle the brush a little without it leaving your eyelid, lift and repeat next to the line you just pressed into the lash base. It looks natural because its not drawn below your lashes.
hit your local mac counter in the mall hey will teach you

check youtube they have makeup tutorials

but mac makeup is awesome
right under the eye on the eyelid . but above the eye lashes.

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