Monday, November 30, 2009

How to make brown eyes pop with eyeliner or eyeshadow?

I have super dark brown eyes and I want them to stand out more. Also, I want them to seem lighter and less black-ish. What colors of eyeliner or eyeshadow can make my eyes pop and seem browner and brighter?How to make brown eyes pop with eyeliner or eyeshadow?
Purples, silvers, blacks, Grey's, turquoises, teals and greens. Dark blue also looks awesome.

I wore a purple smokey eye with some black on the outer corners and it flattered me (I have brown eyes) so well it was unbelievable.

If you have an extra $34 you're willing to spend, buy the Kat von D Beethoven eyeshadow palette. It has 8 eyeshadows (if you think about it, 8 excellent quality shadows for $34 is a pretty good deal!) and all the colors suit brown eyes SO well.

If not, just buy a couple dark purples, greens and blues as well as a black for outer corners and neutral colors for inner corners. Silver and white also look nice too.

None of these are me, but here are some examples:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Good luck :) If you need individual eyeshadow recommendations, let me know.How to make brown eyes pop with eyeliner or eyeshadow?
# to enhance the color of your brown eyes is what eyeshadow shade to select. Although browns may vary in shade as a generalization greens, rich golds, and metallic bronzes tend to be some of the more striking colors for brown eyes. To give your eyes more depth, you'll want to use several shades of eyeshadow with one lighter shade serving as a highlighter for the shades you apply to the lids and crease.

# Choose a dark liner in a shade that best matches your eye shadow. Navy or plum tones work well with the blue and purple shadows. A traditional, black liner will deliver a dramatic effect and really make your brown eyes shine.
I have brown eyes also and I use this methods where I get compliments.

Almay has a collection where they give you specific colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara to make your eyes pop. They tailor it for brown, blue, and hazel eyes if I remember correctly.

In the brown collection, they gave beige, brown, and purple eyeshadows. Use the beige as an all over base from your eyelid to your brow bone. Then apply the purple on your eyelid. And last, use the brown on the crease of your eye.

Then I use the purple eyeliner which makes the eyes stand out more.


Gold, bronze,purple, blue....I use them all and I love the way they make my brown eyes pop :)
Black eyeliner will make your eyes seem lighter since it will be darker than the brown. But remember it has to be a really dark black. To make your eyes stand out the classic color is purple. Also try silvers, light blue, grays and purples in eyeshadow. Get yourself a make up palette and experiment.
I have brown eyes too!

I love metallic shadows, Urban Decay has a great shadows. Check out I love their shadows ';Chopper';, and ';Twice Baked';.


Glitter eyeliners make your eyes look great! Especially deep purple.

Once again, go on and check out Urban Decay's glitter liquid eyeliners. I just recently got some liners from Victoria's Secret line Beauty Rush, they have some beautiful colors in their glitter liners. Be sure to check those out also. The silver, gold, purple, and blue are great! I got them 6/$25.00 plus one free! :)
blue looks good on brown eyes,(:

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