Saturday, November 28, 2009

What liquid eyeliner is the easiest to use?

I never used it before and I want to make a thin clean line on my top lid. What brand is the easiest to use because I've seen some pretty bad jobs done on it!What liquid eyeliner is the easiest to use?
get a felt tip eyeliner.

not the little brush.

felt tips are much much easier to work with.

try maybelline.

it's what worked best for me.

the one below is the BEST.

i mean out of like the 7 i have tried...鈥?/a>What liquid eyeliner is the easiest to use?
They don't carry the kind I used to use, it was like a marker...hopefully you can find something like it where you live. I can't remember the brand, maybe l'oreal-but anyway the marker-type works best because you can draw a continuous straight line without having to stop and re-ink. I'm now stuck using the liquid liner where you dip the point in the little tube-you have to be sooo careful and sometimes start all over. Good luck!
I don't find any brands the best for liquid eye liner and I also find pencils just fade too quickly. I use too faced - they have an eyeshadow collection that comes with a tiny brush in a liquid. You use the little brush to dab in the eyeshadow and it goes on like a liquid but you have loads more precision due to the shape of the brush. I totally recomend this as all the colours in the shadow pallette means a multitude of eye lining colours.
Dont waist your money on eyeliner from sephora if your just learing how to i would go to a drug store and buy one not the cheapest they have but somewhere in the middle try, cover girl or wet n wild, revlon

Then if you like it and are good at it get the Sephora kind
okaymechanical eyeliner. its easier. it has a sharp point and it works good for me. if u still wanna go for the liquid go for revlonRevlon

I like Lancome.
Sephora is good, I find M.A.C the best
mac and dior are the best make-up
i use almay

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