Monday, November 30, 2009

How do I quickly get off waterproof eyeliner?

My dad really doesn't like makeup so I usually wear it to school. I bought some new eyeliner and I realized that I can't get it off easily. What are some home remedies to get it off? I don't have makeup remover so I usually use water and scrub but it hurts to try and get eyeliner off so close to the eye.How do I quickly get off waterproof eyeliner?
Buy make up remover!

Or buy non- waterproof make up.

Home remedies are only to be used for short periods...stuff like baby/almond oil works as the grease dissolves the make up.

Skin moisturiser may also work...

But you are better off buying make up remover or make up remover cleansing wipes and keeping it in your bag/ locker.

Most brands now make make-up cleasing wipes, Olay ones are very good.How do I quickly get off waterproof eyeliner?
If you want eye makeup off you should try getting makeup remover. And if you are trying to get it off before your dad sees it, it is a really good idea to use makeup remover. It works really well. I use it all the time. You can just go to like Wal-Mart with your friends and be like hey I need to get some makeup remover, and just use it every day. If that doesn't work ask your dad why it bothers him so much that you wear makeup. Hopefully he will understand! Hope this helped!!!
Try using wet wipes, they sound childish but I know a lot of people who are serious makeup users if you get what I mean, and they all use them
a quetip! they work really well!

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