Monday, November 30, 2009

How do I look good without eyeliner on a photo?

I want to know how I can look good on a photo without having to wear eyeliner. I put foundation on, but no eyeliner. Help me please? Any tips how to make up my eyes light.How do I look good without eyeliner on a photo?
You can use brown eye shadow w/mascara would bring out your eyes.

Go to my web site and play with my Virtual Make Over. You can upload a picture of yourself and change your looks. It might help.How do I look good without eyeliner on a photo?
put on loadsa mascara. make sure you apply the most at the lashes nearest to your lash-line. try to avoid dragging the mascara to your lashes towards the ends of your eyelashes when you're applying to the lash-line area cos it would make your eyelashes stick together and you'll end up with tranny lashes. hope it helps good luck!
yea i beginning to hate being dependent on eyeliner and mascara so what i do is, i

1. use an eyelash curler- it makes my eyes like wide, alert, and big

2. and i use eye shadow. use soft shimmering shades like gold or bronze to make ur eyes look naturally beautiful
If you are wanting your eyes to stick out then I would look for eyeshadows that do so. They will have the same effect as eyeliner. Also find a color for your clothes or ear rings that make your eyes look extra special and stand out.

xoxo Jeana
Put a bright warm colour (say white, cream) on the inner corners of your eyes.

Err, yeah? Hahah i hope you understand.

It'll help your eyes stand out and make your eyes look bigger and brighter!

(my friend told me so :}) Hope it works/helps! :)
highlight your other features.. add some full mascara. it will give you a more natural look. wear blush or if you have really pretty lips, make them look fuller. add some lipstick to go bold or some lipgloss on the bottom and that will give them a bigger appearance
you can try putting some white shimmery shadow in the cornor of your eyes

try this鈥?/a>
Mascara would work. Or jsut don't use foundation. If you use that, you'd need other makeup.
just wear eyeliner
eyeshadow and mascara
put on more mascara

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