Monday, November 30, 2009

What liquid eyeliner has the thinnest applicator?

I want to wear it for school, but some liquid eyeliner applicators are too thick, and the look is too bold.What liquid eyeliner has the thinnest applicator?
Loreal lineur intense. has a good sized brush and is thin which makes it easier to line eyes with like this.鈥?/a>What liquid eyeliner has the thinnest applicator?
The Maybelline waterproof Ultra-Liner has a pretty thin applicator.

Actually, the thinnest applicator EVER belongs to the N.Y.C. liquid liner. It's like $1.99. You'll probably be put off by the price and the lower-end brand name, but to be honest, the stuff gets the job done. It may take two coats to make the line as jet-black as you want it, but the applicator is very thin and it doesn't smear or anything once it's dried.
I absolutely LOVE Lid Splash Eyeliner. I bought some on a whim with a friend at Ulta and have since gotten three more colors. It's easy to apply, stays on for days, comes in neutral AND bold colors and it's in a cool bottle? Who could resist that? Here's a link to the main website but I got mine at Ulta. It's a little pricey at 7 bucks a bottle but totally worth it. Plus the bottle doesn't LOOK big but it holds a lot.鈥?/a>
sephora brand liquid eyeliner has a really thin brush. you have to look for one that says brush on it. NOT felt tip. felt tips are the ones that apply thickly
Try MAC, Clinique, or Bath%26amp;%26amp;BodyWorks even :)
I like Maybelline.
mac...the gel liners in the little pot and get the brush goes on really thin

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