Saturday, November 28, 2009

How do you apply liquid eyeliner to the top of your eyelid?

I can't get it close enough to my lashes! It always looks so bad! My hand is so shaky on top of that it comes out so gross! I tried doing it like 29 times dismorning and I had to keep washing my face when I messed up! It was so annoying. I finally got it kind od ok and left it..I love how it looks when it is nice though, it makes my eyes look big. Any tips?How do you apply liquid eyeliner to the top of your eyelid?
Buy a brand that does not have a brush. I use one I think Maybaline (the brand that goes with your eye color) htat is a bit hard and I can make it thin or thick and very close to eye lashes. I start from the middle of eyelid and go the corner and then do the other half. If I mess up I take a qtip with eye makeup remover on it and even out the line etc. I feel longer swweps are easier than little jutted ones. And as with anything practice makes perfect. but the qtip thing will save you in the mean time

Good luckHow do you apply liquid eyeliner to the top of your eyelid?
LOL! my friend just asked me this same question yesterday. she said it tickles too much that she can't stand the way it feels.

just concentrate, pull one corner of your eye lid with one hand and take the other hand and apply ';little strokes'; just above the eye lash. let go if you need a break and start where you left off. practice makes perfect. good luck
this is how i do it and i was taught.....with ur figers kind of pull ur eye lid back so that its nice and tight and smooth...then with ur other hand slowly and steady sweep ur eyeliner thingy across i do it with my hands on a hard surface so that its not so shaky...even when i am in the middle of puttin the liner on i will take a break and move my hand(the one that the liner is in) and kinda strt agian from where i left off.... works for me i hope it works for u!! good luck
It's easier to use pencil.

Or you can try gel one from MAC.
its called courdination
Try to clam down irst if you apply it while your clam and not in a hurry it should come out great. Good Luck Girl!!!!!!!!!!1
first plan where liquid eyeliner is going by putting on dry eyeliner first. use short gentle strokes close to your lashes. making the liquid eyeliner how wide or how long is your choice.
it's really hard.!!! you have to make really little dashes and connect them
Apply very carefully and put on eye shaddow after so that u can cover up any mistakes! hope i helped
First put on your eye shadow then pull your eye lashes very carefully then placs it on very carefully.
What I do when I cant get it to my lash line is either go over it with a eye pencil of the same color when its still wet and it will help or put it on a little thick let it dry then use a damp q-tip to clean it up
You need a mirror that tilts.. look DOWN into the mirror. That way the lid is relaxed and steady Practice looking into that way, you CANNOT apply liquid liner staring directly into it. NEVER pull on the lid, by the time you are 25 you'll need an eye lift.
Thats the biggest fashion bog...Neva apply liquid eyeliner on your upper lashes rather use mascara to enhance your eyes and the liquid liner on the bottom eye lid.
It just takes a little practice.Try going one direction and then the other direction to fill in.
I don't mess with it. My wife becomes very annoyed with me when I play with her make up.

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