Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the right way to apply eyeliner/eye pencil?

I really do not want to apply eyeliner on the inside of my lower lid. I wear contacts and sometimes it isa irritation.How do I apply it properly, so it looks right and what is the best eye pencil color for blue eyes. Any suggestions on specific eye pencils too would be great.What is the right way to apply eyeliner/eye pencil?
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The best way to apply your eyeliner is under the eyelashes. Use an eyeliner that is not a wood pencil style- (these don't always apply very smoothly, and can scratch your eye). If you are having problems at first applying under the lashes you can use a small amount, then smudge the eyeliner with your finger. Or you can use eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Apply it with the side of your sponge eyeshadow applicator. You can always use your finger to blend the color for a softer look. As far as color, green is the best color to accentuate blue eyes!
Hmm :)

well, if you don't like applying it on the lower lid thats normal because a lot of people are very sensitive there.

a good way of applying a line is using eye shadow!

use a lipgloss brush and clean it thoroughly, make sure its wet and then apply black ( or any other colour you wish) to the wet brush and so it should make some kind of paste.

you can then apply it under your eye, not on the inner lid. just below the line, the brush should be smooth with a good amount of liquid and colour on to make a nice colourful line that looks just as good, or even better than a stick.

as liquid eyeliner can cause irritation.

a dark pink or purple can look nice on blue eyes!

also, an alternaative, if you don't want to put eye liner/ eye shadow below your eye it can look just as nice with a thick/thin line (whatever you prefer) on your top lid with a little flick at the side.

and put a soft eyeshadow colour powder below the eye to give it a little more vibrance. :)

hope this helped :D

i wear contacts all the time and i can always apply eyeliner on the inside of my lower lid without it messing up my contacts or anything...and i've asked my eye doctor and she said you can apply any make up on the contacts shouldn't make any difference...

here's what i do: i pull my bottom lid down with my finger and then apply the eyeliner, and then i like hold it down for a few seconds and then let go... i use black eyeliner but the pencil must be really good so you don't have to do this over and over until it's really black...i suggest GIVENCHY eyeliners they're really great. and i think blue eye go best with black eyeliner...

if you really can't apply it on the inside of your lid you can apply it around your eye, but the pencil has to be sharp to do this right...practice makes perfect... hope i helped you... (:
ok i wear contacts too and i just kind of half of my lower lid then i use the smudger thing and rub it on the other side i think it looks better than lining the whole bottom lid....i have blue eyes to and a lot of colors look good..........even black
app;ly it under your eye like right under your bottom lashes make it thin i wear contacts to see %26amp; thats what i do

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