Saturday, November 28, 2009

What kind of eyeliner is good to use for designs?

You know the makeup artist touch.

I can draw it on but the eyeliner is always dull or too smudgy.

Designs turn our into circles around my eyes.What kind of eyeliner is good to use for designs?鈥?/a>

Best ever. I work in the fashion industry and I know lots of people who swear by it.What kind of eyeliner is good to use for designs?
I use a cream eye liner because it goes on super smooth.

try make-up forever- you can buy it at sephora for about $30
liquid eyelilner
Either Smashbox Jet set eyeliner or Bare Escentuals has TONS of colors of eyeliners that go on with either some stay put liquid for a wet line or dry. Just make sure you get the right type of brushes if you get either. Neither run and they last all day, sometimes it's still there when you wake up, it's that good.
I would use spray paint and stencils. If not try burning your eye lids for that nice crisp natural look.
wet n wild. cheap price but wrks very good.
eye line with eileen./..thes mine motto,,,,and eileen has eye line ..the eye is lined with grime n grease,,,ya gotta get a cleanzer,...make it a peroxide bleach that got approved by the aspca....then iron your .lojins in tandum with a moose up a chimney sprout, and the iron went down on 99 volts! n press...and jkounting...............................鈥?smell fumes! I NEED SOME rustoleum for mine loinburn.
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