Saturday, November 28, 2009

What color eyeliner looks good on brown eyes?

I like to wear eyeliner %26amp; have brown eyes. I usually wear black but want to try a different color out so what colors looks good with brown eyes?What color eyeliner looks good on brown eyes?
i use a deep blue sometimes.

it's really pretty.What color eyeliner looks good on brown eyes?
I would say a dusty gold would lighten brown eyes and make them more vivid. I have blue, but my best friend uses gold, liquid eyeliner by urban decay, and her eyes look gorgeous. it also comes in pencil form =)

#1 Liquid Eyeliner:鈥?/a>

#2 Pencil Eyeliner:鈥?/a>

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Well brown eyeliner tends to soften your look and is good for casual things. I use this gorgeous plum color with a bit of metallic sparkle. Deep blues are also good.
Any pretty shade of green looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous with Brown eyes!
Green or Purple i think :P
i wear green eye liner i'd think that would look gud on u

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